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LA 7NG1 – SANYO – IC Chips – Kynix Semiconductor

Therefore, to avoid this problem, DC renewal rate can be selected in this IC. The EHT information is also used to protect the flyback transformer from overload. By diagram2, let us analyse the regulation process.

The detail checking and repairing steps are as follow.

【LA76931K/7N/5AM3 SANYO】Electronic Components In Stock Suppliers in 2018【Price】【Datasheet PDF】USA

Excess beam current is a common cause for this and should be avoided by the beam current limiter. The reason is that the drive conditions will now be wrong most likely underdrive and the transistor will overheat from too high conduction losses. The full flyback and yoke current are now flowing through the forward biased damper diode,D1.

Nextcheck the setting of the color control – it may have datadheet been turned down.

If you get readings that do not make sense, you may be using your equipment in a way which is confusing it. You will be eternally grateful when the time comes to reassemble the unit. C2 is a smoothing capacitor. satasheet

Better methods exist too. So do yourselves a favour and get a correct replacement type. It probable causes flashover and smoking inside the l7a6931s. Generally, a hard start of the line deflection circuit represents a very heavy load on the HOT. By simply putting a capacitor in series with each coil, dtaasheet sawtooth waveform is modified into a slightly sine-wave shape the top and bottom are somewhat squashed.


One arrives the collector of V through pin3 and pin7 of T, the other arrives the base of V through startup resistance R, R,Rlimiting resistor R In this processthe current variational ratio supports the constantly charge voltage. Using external vertical trigger to reset countdown circuit. If the EHT voltage drops, then the electrons will be accelerated less and will move through the deflection field at a lower velocity. An open s-cap will result in no horizontal deflection – a vertical line.

RGB blanking pulse is produce in the internal count-down circuit, and the phase is depending on horizontal synchronization signal.

Do not blindly trust your instruments. In all casethe power to the horizontal output transistor HOT of the horizontal deflection system is obtained directly from the DC voltage power supply. On the contrary conditionit just reverse. Please change the value of R, which is depending on the specification of tuner, to decide the DC voltage output. The dynamic range of it is 3. A service manual will help greatly in attempting to troubleshoot this unless it is an obvious bad connection.

The flow chart is as follows: The input impedance Ri is about 1. They do not cause an increase of the stored magnetic energy so a heavy load is not a problem. Then it will pass through a amplifier after the DC output is fixed.

D Notes The oscillation stabilizing time period is the time until the VCO oscillation for the internal system becomes stable after the following conditions. A standby power supply for the microcontroller and remote sensor. The DC level of the output and the gain of black stretch will be reduced if the value of time constant is large.


The control grid voltage will end up the little board on the neck of the CRT check there as well for bad solder connections or open resistors. Not even a hint of color. The best location will also be relatively dust free and allow you to suspend you troubleshooting to eat or sleep or think without having to pile everything into a cardboard box for storage.

The primary voltage that you see then is mostly a transformed version of the secondary voltage, over the series base impedance. The most effort goes into the optimization of the magnitude of the base current. We can use V to bypass the current flowing into base of V in order to control the on-off time of V Small ceramic capacitors are place across the diodes to reduce RF interference.

The final voltage regulated depends on V,V etc.

la76931 service manual – Datasheet PDF, IC Circuit

These cannot be applied easily with such a configuration. PIN18 I reference This is a pin for producing reference current. Because the flyback pulse is so narrow, the rectifier diode will dataheet only a short time. As the load increases, the average primary current rises. The blanking output level of RGB is about 1.

Note The duty of the horizontal output pulse is designed at At the start of the flyback period, V turns off. The output is a low impedance circuit.