Buy La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price 1ª ed., 1ª imp. by Portia Da Costa ( ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free . La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price: PORTIA DA COSTA: Books – Librarian Gwendolynne Price starts finding indecent proposals and sexy stories in her La doble vida de Gwendolynne Price Fifty Shades Freed by E.L. James Beautiful Disaster by Jamie McGuire Fifty Shades of . In Too Deep by Portia Da Costa is an erotic literary adventure with just a touch of whodunit thrown in.

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Not wanting to spoil anything, all I’ll say is that there are so many twists in this story I really liked Gwendolyne, she was REAL, an ordinary woman, she wasn’t annoying or frustrating and she had curves!! If you are a fan of this type of book then I don’t think you’ll want to miss out on this one!!! Also completely unbelievable is the idea that a professor of history gwenodlynne some sort of sex god.

Actually, here’s an idea – I like to think I can write. Portia writes beautiful British English. The story lives entirely in the protagonist’s head and she isn’t average, she’s colourless read lazily written and unidimensional. An intimate cast of characters, only really consisting of a lonely librarian and a tortured professor. It just didn’t sit well with me.

Definitely a good read! To sum up, the novel was rather bleak and uninteresting, though not completely unreadable. There’s no explanation of who he was, how long they were married, why they divorced etc. Mar 16, Lauren rated it it was ok. The sex is just between the hero and the heroine, but whoa-damn it is hot stuff. When public librarian Gwendolynne starts her daily task of sorting through the library’s old-fashioned suggestion box and finds an erotic letter written to her, she sets off on a journey of sexual self-discovery.

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Pretty soon however, a relationship of erotic letters and toe-curlingly sensual emails collides with kinky games played in the all too real flesh. She lives a pretty normal, uneventful life, that is until she receives an erotic letter from an anonymous fan.

This time under her desk. Read more Read less. Also, despite my reservations in relation to the way in which the story is told I have to admit that this book was viva easy to read and obviously written by an author who knows her graft. Like many an erotic novel, it’s in the present pricee.

Intense pleasure is an end in itself but I woul I couldn’t decide which of Portia’s many novels to start with until someone on Goodreads nudged me in this direction. There’s lots of breathless description of both Daniel “Professor Hottie” Brewster and this Nemesis character. Most of the time she is either thinking abut sex, or having sex.

It totally through me for a loop. It wasn’t dealt with in the most promising way. Or is she tangled in too deep with both men? She befriends a visiting professor, to whom she unburdens a dark and thrilling secret. An easy flowing read with wickedly spicy hot sex scenes, literally from the first page to the last.

Books by Portia Da Costa. I had such high expectations when I started, especially having read the blurb about a mysterious admirer leaving erotic notes for Gwendolyn, the librarian. I would put the book aside and not read it for days and then not come back to it for days. Also shows us that not being super skinny can also be very sexy and erotic! This is only the second erotic novel that I have read after Fifty Shades and it did not disappoint. There was one plus point though – at least she didn’t have an inner goddess.

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I enjoyed the story and odble premise but it was a little flat for gwendoolynne. This is the second time ive read this book. Paperbackpages. Only a few writers can do 1st person well over a full-length erotic novel, and this one is a great example. IT ev I had my eyes on this book about 2 years ago before the Fifty Shades hype but somehow I always kinda forgot to pick it up whenever I gwencolynne to read a new book.


Hands up who’s ever seen an academic who sends your blood reeling away from your head and into your nethers? Sa bit more detail, if you wouldn’t mind, please?

The dobls develop and the personal side to each is explored which only adds to the story and completes it. Her sentences are among the most lucid, concise and well-judged of any I have read. Gwendolynne Price, the main character who starts receiving erotic letters from a mysterious Nemesis seems to have no friends and no life outside the library and Nemesis’ little games. Over the course of the book, Nemesis instructs Gwendolyne to act out her most private, darkest, erotic fantasies. If your after a book that’s full of sex, sex, sex, amd even more sex, then this will be one for you, I’m afraid I just need a bit more of a story to go with it.

There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Gwendolynne with three N’s Price why do erotica protagonists have to have such syllable-happy names? I’ve also written a number Spice Briefs for Harlequin.