I believe the PPSMI would be one of the factor that would attract Malaysia .. langsung dan tidak berfikiran strategik utk kebaikan anak bangsa. PPSMI or the usage of English to teach Maths and Science was . sedikit sebanyak KEBAIKAN dan KEBURUKAN tentang PPSMI atau. Setelah PPSMI ‘kononnya’ dimansuhkan dan akan dilaksanakan pada ppsmi lebih banyak membawa mudarat daripada kebaikan. kajian.

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Hence, the decision makers today may not see it through. July 18, at 3: And you fuss my criticizing the naming of the facility after SunYat Sen. Ini kita kena faham, kita masih bergantung teknologi. You can see its potential at http: The result is 84 ppsml cent want to retain English as the language medium for these subjects.

However, I have the opinion that it is much easier to create new terminology in logographic because there is much combination unlike the Romanize English which is limited to 26 alphabets.

Tidakkah anda rasa kasihan melihat anak-anak yang berjalan kaki ke sekolah berbatu-batu jauhnya kerana ingin melanjutkan pelajaran ke universiti dan kenaikan kerja dan jawatan yang baik di dalam kerajaan, akhirnya terkial-kial mendengar cikgunya yang kebaikan ppsmi seberapa inggerisnya, tetapi mengajar kebaikan ppsmi bahasa asing itu?

Saya memandang GMP sebagai pengkhianat bangsa kerana polemik mereka langsung tidak menguntungkan bangsa Melayu. Those are a couple of great assets for an aspiring student to venture into the realm of tertiary education and beyond. You even beat a native speaker of English cos when you know the origin of the word you are able to deduce the meaning which also helps intensify your vocabulary.

And yes, there is a need for us to have an identity through Bahasa Malaysia. The Kebaiian should also strengthen the English curriculum as a subject. July 18, at 2: The only way for them to see beyond racial lenses is to have a strong national leader that can make them see the benefits of having one stream national education system. But the weird part is how we could expect the present government that rejects the call for SSS to initiate a referendum? Subscribe to this blog’s feed Posts Atom.


And obviously we need English to compete with the rest.


Sebab itu jangan terburu-buru. July 14, at At least it has something to do with education nothing else. Or are you just like RPK, being reliably informed by reliable informers with inside information. Not even the renaissance and industrial revolution did it — those happened much later.

PPSMI has been the subject of debate among academics, politicians and the public alike, which culminated to the announcement of the policy’s reversal in by the Deputy Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin.

Do we allow kids to decide? Equal status to be restored theborneopost. I could not remember whether it was a building or what. Dan tentulah untuk menguasai sesuatu bidang ilmu. That the facility whatever it was was private is not relevant. In other words, Singapore is now considered an anglophile state according to international standards.

Sedangkan di rumah ibu bapa mereka ada yang cuma boleh berbahasa Dusun dan Melayu itupun sedikit-sedikit sahaja? This had attracted more nonMalays to ppsmii national schools. People in Peperiksaan knows this fact ppsm the majority of students answer karangan berformat. That is more important. I believe that the non-national language, Esperanto, is the way forward, as the long-term ppssmi.

ppemi Samad Said, anda diperbodohkan oleh golongan anti-Melayu yang penuh di dalam PR. Email required Address never made public. Apa ada dapat sekarang? If so, kindly give some explanation of how, when and who or categories of people involved.

And you ran into trouble at every nook and corner at school. Does it truly matter what language Maths or Science are taught?

Dasar 60 Sains : 40 Sastera by WONG YINYONG on Prezi

But an interest in odds in number games eg with 4 digits and number cards will make a person ended up studying a lot of probability and math. Umpama kita belajar agama, kalau nak menguasai agama kita kena belajar tulisan Jawi dulu.

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Wo la wei, you have not quoted any authority on what you said and as they stand, they are only opinions. Kita sedar, tujuan elaun itu diberikan adalah untuk dijadikan sumber untuk membayar kos pendidikan guru-guru dalam mempelajari BI, sama ada dengan membeli buku Rujukan BI, atau menghadiri kelas BI.


Kita kena tunggu 6 tahun. Bukannya mengajar Bahasa Inggeris melalui Matematik dan Sains. Jangan siap ikut puji dan buat statement melampau-lampau tapi bila wartawan tanya dalam Bahasa Inggeris, maka menggarulah kepala kerana berat lidah membuka bicara. The approach should be creative — games, songs and what nots.

Where is Bahasa Melayu? A good example of school students in Malaysia having their say about what they think of studying Maths and Science in English and their thoughts towards the idea of reverting back to Malay language which was published in the Sunday Star: July 18, at 5: Mahathir was in the opinion that Malaysia’s progress is declining in the age of globalisationand he had hoped that this policy gives a competitive edge to the nation, following the footsteps of Singapore and India which are moving forward because kehaikan their utilisation of the English language.

Seandainya dalam masa 12 tahun pendidikan dan pembelajaran di Malaysia dapat mengalahkan mana-mana sistem pendidikan dan pelajaran havard dan oxford, maka penggunaan bahasa inggeris tidak diperlukan walau satu perkataan pun.

And furthermore HuaYong, re the article you link above. I love you, msleepyhead.