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IEC Standard | Safety of laser products – Part 2: Safety of optical fibre communication systems (OFCS). Scope and object. This Part 2 of IEC provides requirements and specific guidance for the safe operation and maintenance of optical fibre communication . STANDARD. IEC. Third edition. Safety of laser products –. Part 2: Safety of optical fibre communication systems (OFCS). Reference number.

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Need more search options? Specific conditions for terrestrial sound broadcasting service transmitters Assessment of the compliance of low power electronic and electrical equipment with the basic restrictions related to human exposure to electromagnetic fields 10 MHz to GHz.

Specific conditions for fixed radio links and ancillary equipment.

Specific conditions for radio paging equipment 7. Specific conditions for Citizens’ Band CB radio and ancillary equipment speech and non-speech 7.

Specific requirements for ground-based VHF aeronautical mobile and fixed radio equipment. However, viewing of the diffuse reflection is safe. In most places we have used the word “laser”, but it can be replaced by “LED”.

IEC 60825-2:2004/ISH2:2018

Relevant generic standard s Note 2. Skip to main content. Safety of free space optical communication systems used for transmission of information IEC User Equipment UE for narrowband systems: The class limit for 3R is 5x the applicable class limit for Class 1 for invisible radiation or eic 2 for visible radiation.

This class is safe for accidental viewing under all operating conditions.


IEC System of Conformity Assessment Schemes

Specific conditions for Broadband Data Transmission Systems. Preview Abstract Provides requirements and specific guidance for the safe operation and maintenance of optical fibre communication systems OFCS.

Specific conditions for wireless digital video links. Product standard to demonstrate the compliance of radio base stations and fixed terminal stations for wireless telecommunication systems with the basic restrictions or the reference levels related to human exposure to radio frequency electromagnetic fields MHz — 40 GHz — General public.

An Overview of the LED and Laser Classification System in EN and IEC

Generic standards — Immunity for residential, commercial and light-industrial environments IEC Publication of the references in the Official Journal of the European Union does not imply that the standards are available in all the official languages of the European Union. Generic standards — Immunity isc industrial environments.

Electromagnetic compatibility and Radio spectrum Matters ERM ; Radio telephone transmitters and receivers for the maritime mobile service operating in the VHF bands used on inland waterways; Part 2: It applies to the complete installed end-to-end OFCS, including its components and subassemblies that generate or amplify optical radiation. The phrase “eye-safe” is used below. Automatic electrical controls for household and similar use — Part 1: On the date stated the partially superseded standard ceases to give presumption of conformity with the essential or other requirements of the ifc Union legislation for those products or services that fall within the scope of the new standard.

Products are presumed to comply with the Directive when they meet the requirements within the usage conditions for which they are intended. However, it may not be safe for a person who deliberately stares into the laser beam for longer than 0.


Specific conditions for wireless microphones, similar Radio Frequency RF audio link equipment, cordless audio and in-ear monitoring devices 3. Safety of laser products — Part In general, the use of magnifying glasses increases the hazard from a widely-diverging beam eg LEDs and bare laser diodesand binoculars or telescopes increase the hazard from a wide, collimated beam such as those iecc in open-beam telecommunications systems.

Specific conditions for Broadband Data Transmission Systems The contents of the interpretation sheet 1 of April and 2 of June have been included in this copy. Apparatus 60825-22 in-home use Generic standards — Emission standard for industrial environments. Reference and title of the standard and reference document. Requirements for UWB devices for road and rail vehicles. Class 1 This class is eye-safe under all operating conditions.

IEC /ISH | IEC Webstore

Avenue Marnix 17, B, Brussels, Tel. Subsequently, the titles of the standards are translated into all other required official languages of the European Union by the national standardisation bodies. This list replaces all the previous lists published in the Official Journal of the European Union. Introduction and common requirements. Would you like to keep them?

Specific conditions for commercially available amateur radio equipment 7.