HOUSE BILL BY REPRESENTATIVE(S) Schafer S., Massey, Benefield, Merrifield,. Middleton, Miklosi, Murray, Peniston, Priola, Solano, Stephens. House Comm: SJudy / Senate Comm: / House Vote: Yeas Nays Senate Vote: Yeas HB LC 21 A BILL TO BE ENTITLED AN ACT 1- 1 To amend. Access to identifying information. Requires the state registrar to search death certificates in the state registrar’s possession and the State and Territorial.

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Relating to the availability and reporting of certain information regarding applications under the Texas Economic Development Act to the public and the state. However, Resolutions and Concurrent Resolutions are considered identical if the only difference is the word “House” or “Senate. Relating to an exemption from the payment of houss toll for unmarked military vehicles conducting or training for emergency operations. Relating to the medical treatment and care of animals by certain persons in animal shelters and releasing agencies.

Accessed December 31, Retrieved December 31,from https: NJ A Requires certain hospitals to provide hospital-based or hospital-linked Type Source Summary http: However, if your browser is set to open PDFs in a new window, as is often the case with bit browsers, the bill text will open to the first page.

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HB – Colorado Regular Session – Open States

TX HB 85th Legislature. The page numbers, when listed, for citations are constantly under review.

Search bill text and data. Similar bill Companion bills that are substantially similar in text or houxe substantial portions of text that are largely the same. Maintenance; limitation upon improvement; display of flag; hurricane shutters and protection; display of religious decorations.

WA HB Studying the constitutional and statutory obligations and tax revenue capacity Identical bill 122-1274 bills that are identical word-for-word, not including titles. The journals or printed bills of the respective chambers should be consulted as the official documents of the Legislature. Louis City school district.

Legislative Research: TX HB1274 | 2017-2018 | 85th Legislature

Compare bill Bills that have selected provisions that are similar in text. Relating to the authority of certain transportation authorities to create a local government corporation. The links for the page numbers are formatted to open the bill text PDF directly to the page containing the citation.


Find an exact bill number. WA SB Providing incentives to reduce involvement by persons with behavioral health View Top 50 National.

Relating to the release on parole of certain inmates convicted of an offense bilp when younger than 18 years of age; changing parole eligibility. Glossary of Legislative Terms.

HB – Death penalty; guillotine provisions

Linked bill A bill that is contingent upon passage of another bill within the same chamber, e. Association powers and duties; meetings of board; official records; budgets; financial reporting; association funds; recalls. Obligations of members; remedies at law or in equity; levy of fines and suspension of use rights. US Congress Select area of search. Prospective purchasers subject to association membership requirement; disclosure required; covenants; assessments; contract cancellation.