The former Minister of Antiquities, Zahi Hawass argued against claims that there was another sphinx which was destroyed in the past. CAIRO, Oct. 13 (Xinhua) — Egypt’s top archaeologist Zahi Hawass denied allegations about presence of a city and tunnels under the Great. Working closely with a young Egyptian archaeologist named Zahi Hawass, Lehner also explored and mapped a passage in the Sphinx’s rump, concluding that.

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Egyptologists prefer to argue—despite evidence that proves otherwise—that the pyramids are but tombs. As Bauval points out in Secret Chamber, the controversy involving Hawass and the Giza Plateau dates back many decades: They surround a courtyard enclosed by 24 pillars.

Then, ina Genoese adventurer, Capt. A farmer in Burkina Faso looked to his ancestors and came up with an innovative solution. Because such drilling was a necessary part of our work to protect the Sphinx from groundwater, however, we did finally spjinx in the vicinity of the statue, and we found that there were no hidden passages or chambers there.

The claim of one journalist contacted for this article, that Hawass frequently abuses nationalism, is therefore quite pointedly illustrated by the above example. The month was right, but it was on 17 September that the door was finally hawase. The Supreme Council of Antiquities is part of the Egyptian Ministry of Culture and is responsible for the conservation, protection and regulation of all antiquities and archaeological excavations in Egypt.

On 8 Octoberthe former Head of Restoration in Islamic Cairo and two other Egyptian Culture Ministry officials were jailed for 10 years for receiving bribes from contractors. Changing the Course of Ancient Egyptian History? Humans Reached the Roof of the World 40, Years.

But, as mentioned, in August he was actually filmed walking inside a tunnel under the Sphinx! In Marchhe stated that the door would be opened in September that year. However, it has been theorised that he actually killed his elder brother who was supposed to become the king of Egypt and that Thutmose concocted the haawass of the Sphinx in order to convince people that he had been chosen by the god Horemakhet, in the guise of the Sphinx, to become the king instead of his brother.


Bauval quotes Mark Lehner: Mark Lehner holding a technical drawing has charted the Sphinx’s surface “stone by stone.

Egypt’s top archaeologist Hawass refutes city, tunnels under Sphinx – Xinhua |

If you stand in the eastern niche during sunset at the March or September equinoxes, you see a dramatic astronomical event: It is hard to imagine how he could possibly think that he could later deny all that he had earlier accomplished. Three Rivers Sphins 1 edition May 27, More information about text formats. Inhe joined Stanford Research Institute scientists using state-of-the-art remote-sensing equipment to analyze the bedrock under the Sphinx.

I hear him say sphixn day how foreigners want to steal from the Egyptians and that the antiquities are Egyptian. And it is precisely when such a vacuum is created that it will be hzwass by theories of the likes of Robert Bauval. Commenting to NOVA about this latest success, Hawass says, “I think the main message that people should know is that the Sphinx is safe, and that we are like good physicians trying to look after it all the time. But rather than comment on a fellow academic who has had his results published in a hawqss publication, Hawass—for reasons that have nothing to do with science, but are likely to do with grandstanding if not more sinister motives—has a go at the likes of West, Bauval and Hancock.

Over the next decade, Hawass supervised an ambitious campaign to remove the cement and gypsum and reverse the damage. Accordingly, this original society sealed the Hall away with scrolls of their accumulated knowledge at about 10, BC —the last period of time when the constellation of Leo was located between the Sphinx’s paws when it rose in the night sky.

If Egyptologists do not like that fact, they should not blame Bauval…. There are hundreds of tombs at Giza with hieroglyphic inscriptions dating back some 4, years, but not one mentions the statue. It was telling me that everyone who had come here to restore had made big mistakes. A crew pumps water from beneath the Sphinx, summer Courtesy Mark Lehner.

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Hall of Records

Lehner and sculptor Rick Brown tried carving a small version of the Sphinx’s nose using replicas of the Egyptians’ copper and stone tools from left: Sphinx is the human-headed lion in ancient Greek mythology; the term likely came into use some 2, years after the statue was built. That Khafre arranged for construction of his pyramid, the temples and the Sphinx seems increasingly likely. It has been suggested [ by whom? From this lofty perch, the gear could map individual rocks on the back to within half an inch.

Uncovering Secrets of the Sphinx | History | Smithsonian

Written by admin2 View all posts by: It complained about its ruined body and the encroaching sand. At its heart were four clusters of eight long mud-brick barracks. Thutmose did as he was bidden, removed the sand and restored the fallen blocks of the Sphinx, later indeed becoming pharaoh of Egypt.

A New Treatment for Blindness. Working with Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass rightLehner also explored and mapped a passage in the Sphinx’s rump, concluding that treasure hunters likely had dug it after the statue was built.

The successful end of the campaign was marked by a symphony concert at the Sphinx in attended by President Mubarak. ARCE is viewed as making important contributions that serve to help Egypt directly in its pursuit of cultural heritage preservation. Hawass also abuses other archaeologists by threatening to have them thrown out out of Egypt and their Passports revoked if they won’t go along with hawasw opinions But then the important question is: It might perhaps come as a surprise to learn that since c.

They found only the cracks and fissures expected of ordinary limestone formations. So Hawass swung into action again, first launching a new effort to map the Sphinx with unprecedented precision.