GUhrinG And its products 39 tool illustration tool material. Guhring no. standard type. Form tolerance M Hss-E-pM. ~ din n c. 6HX. M – M Hss-E. din n c. 6HX. M 3. – M Hss-E SuperLine. DIN. Type. Form. View Guhring’s catalog offering for Drills. machining equations and decimal equivalents. Guhring’s offering of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills. Guhring India is a % owned subsidiary of Guhring OHG. Jun 27, Guhring India commences coating operations from Pune Read.

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All GÜHRING catalogs and technical brochures – PDF Catalogs | Technical Documentation | Brochure

U 7xD Solid carbide HA 3. Deep Hole Drills Guhring’s guhrlng of spiral flute and gun drill style deep hole drills. Our collection service picks up the tools directly from your production and returns them there again. Axially and radially adjustable as well as extreme Drills Ratio drills with oil feed Guhring guhrinv.

RT Ti Aircraft The high performance end mill for special and titanium alloys 2. The consolidation of both these tools leadsto a drastic reduction of the cycle time.

The universal RT U is available with or without internal cooling and suitable for the machining of: Was this page helpful? Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “GM – optimal tool clamping and lubrication”. Tooling know-how from a single sourceThe machining of turbochargers is superkine perfect example of a highly complex,extremely demanding machining task.

RT AL Economical drilling of aluminium materials Put us to the test.

All GÜHRING catalogs and technical brochures

For HSC finishing up to 4xD cutting length 1. Guhring solutions for the machining of stainless steelsProperties and attributes when machiningWhen machining syperline or acid-resistant steels, the following properties should be noted: The specialist for cast machining Please click here to download Adobe Reader if it is not already installed on your computer. Trace Milling Operations Tracing or 3D copying with extremely small cutting width or depth. Accuracy and process reliability are the essential guheing for the mould and die industry.


U 7xD Solid carbide HE 3.

The tools excel through high contour accuracy and optimal concentricity. Thermo Secure Gold locating bores for highest balanceAn imbalance produces a centrifugal force which is detrimental to the smooth running of the cutting tool. Thenew guide prevents the pendulum from being pushedaway and subsequently guarantees a constant chamferangle. The consequence is a deterioration of the machined feature as well as a shorter tool life Please note – current pricing available on our website.

DIN Guhring std. Here the first 5 pages from the catalog “HMC ” P. Here the first 4 pages from the catalog “Guhring Tool holders” P. Highest efficiency for complex machining tasksHigh-performance Blind holes can be machined with this tool, if sufficient space at the bottom is available.

To apply the optimally designed HR high-performance reamer a range ofvarious HR High performance in three versions 3. Solid carbide single-fluted gun drills EB Single-fluted gun drills EB 80 with brazed carbide headTwo-fluted gun drills ZB 80 with brazed carbide headSingle-fluted gun drills EB with interchangeable wear artsGrinding equipment and accessoriesTechnical Finishing Operations Side milling with smaller cutting width but better workpiece surface quality.


SL tools are ready and available now. Superlins holes Spiral reamers are preferred for the application in interrupted holes because the cutting edge geometry, in comparison to straight-fluted tools, possesses a lesser tendency of grabbing on the oblique hole. Made by Guhring – gold right for all materials. The advantages are especially high form and contour accuracy of the workpiece, minimal wear and therefore excellent tool life.

Superline Super price, super quality, super availability. Benefit from the advantages of GSS Full Line Drill Catalog – temporarily out of stock Guhring’s complete offering of HSS, cobalt and carbide drills; complete technical section.

NH HA Solid carbide 3. Guaranteeing the sophisticated logistics from raw material via production to delivery.

Catalogs for Drills – Guhring Inc

Typical applications are the machining of standard steels, high-alloyed tool steels, Cr-Nisteels, Ti-alloys, Al and cast iron.

Cutting tools for Nickel and Titanium. Issue Superline Pricelist 06, valid from The DIN standard forms 20112 Available on request. Coolant-fed, carbide drills for stainless steels and titanium, huhring other great drills, end mills and taps for stainless steels.

Twist Drills Drilling tools for processing steel beams 1. Thermo Secure Gold with temperature indicatorfor maximum operationalsafety2. RT S For the demanding processing HT WP Now with new insert geometry for the machining of steel beams.

RF Speed Smooth running and large chip removal N 5xD Solid carbide 2.