The Dream of a Ridiculous Man, short story by Fyodor Dostoyevsky, published in Russian in as “Son smeshnogo cheloveka.” It addresses questions about. : The Dream Of A Ridiculous Man (): Fyodor Dostoyevsky: Books. The Dream of a Ridiculous Man. By Fyodor Dostoyevsky. What do we know about the psyche that Dostoyevsky failed to illuminate for us more than a century ago.

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I moved about among them, wringing my hands and weeping over them, but I loved them perhaps more than in old days when there was no suffering in their faces and riciculous they were innocent mman so lovely. She had a kerchief on her head, and she wore only an old, shabby little dress. There was a full minute of unbroken silence and again another drop fell, but I knew with infinite unshakable certainty that everything would dreaj immediately.

So now I felt that I was very cold, especially the tips of my toes, but I felt nothing else. I had been spending the whole evening with an engineer who had two more friends visiting him.

I suddenly dreamt that I picked up the revolver and aimed it straight at my heart — my heart, and not my head; and I had determined beforehand to fire at my head, at my right temple.

Thank you for your feedback. Not that I had found an answer to all the questions. Many times I asked myself how I—a braggart and a liar—could refrain from telling them all I knew of science and philosophy, of which of course they had no idea?

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man

Yes, life and spreading the good dpstoevsky They could not ridiculosu imagine dostkevsky in definite form and shape, but, strange and wonderful to relate, though they lost all faith in their past happiness and called it a legend, they so longed to be happy and innocent once more that they succumbed to this desire like children, made an idol of it, set up temples and worshipped their own idea, their own desire; though at the same time they fully believed that it was unattainable and could not be realised, yet they bowed down to it and adored it with tears!

And as during my studies, so all my life. The eyes of these happy people shone with a clear brightness. After flying through space for a long time, the narrator is deposited on a planet, one much like Earth, but not the Earth that he left through suicide. They came to know shame, and they made shame into a virtue. I knew that it could not possibly be our sun that gave birth to our earth, vostoevsky that we were millions of miles away from our sun, but for some unknown reason I recognized with every fiber of my being that it was precisely the same sun distoevsky ours, its exact copy and twin.


They justified me, they declared that they had only got what they wanted themselves, and that all that now was could not have been otherwise.

The Dream of a Ridiculous Man | short story by Dostoyevsky |

She suddenly pulled me by the elbow and called me. And so every night during these two months I thought of shooting myself as I was going home. Please try again dostoeveky. It was clear to me that so long as I was still a human being and not a meaningless cipher, and till I became a cipher, I was alive, and consequently able to suffer, be angry, and feel shame at my actions.

Despite a dismal night, the narrator looks up to the sky and views a solitary star. I sometimes dream of him; he takes part in my affairs, we are very much interested, and yet all through my dream I quite know and remember that my brother is dead and buried. Children of the sun, children of their sun—oh, how beautiful they were! It had been pouring all day, and the rain too was the coldest and most dismal rain that ever was, a sort of menacing rain—I remember that—a rain with a distinct animosity toward people.

III I have said that I fell asleep imperceptibly and even while I seemed to be revolving the same thoughts again in my mind. I knew that it could not be our sun, that gave life to our earth, and that we were an infinite distance from our sun, but for some reason I knew in my whole being that it was a sun exactly like ours, a duplicate of it.

But I was soon reconciled to that and, as usually happens in dreams, I accepted the facts without questioning them. I stretched out ridiculois hands to them, accusing, cursing, and despising myself. All this is even now as clear to me fyodof daylight, but, pray, tell me who does not get muddled and confused? She was not weeping, but was spasmodically crying out some words which could not utter properly, because she was shivering and shuddering all over.

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But their knowledge was higher and deeper than ours; for our science seeks to explain what life is, aspires to understand it in order to teach others how to love, while they without science knew how to live; and that I understood, but Riiculous could not understand their knowledge.

The main thing is to love your neighbur as yourself—that is the main thing, and that is everything, for nothing else matters.

That is what they said, and after saying such things everyone began to love himself better than anyone else, and indeed they could not do otherwise. This web edition published by: Oh, I had not settled one of them, and how many there were! I was proud and waited. Some of their songs were solemn and ecstatic, and I was scarcely able to understand them at all. But I soon realized that their knowledge was derived from, and fostered by emotions other than those to which we were accustomed on earth, and that their aspirations, too, were quite different.


It was then that science made its appearance among them. They showed me their trees, and I could not understand the intense love with which they looked at them; it was as though drram were talking with creatures like themselves. Their children were the children of them all, for they were all one family. And so for two months every night that I came home I thought I would shoot myself.

And since then I have been preaching! I tne apart from my landlord. If I had felt pity that evening, I should have certainly helped a child.

He dies but he is still aware if his surroundings. And they saw that and let me worship them without being abashed at my adoration, for they themselves loved much. There was a problem with your submission. I feel sad because they do not know the truth, whereas I know it.