Not usual Wikileaks fare. However if valid, there does seem to be a genuine creativity dispute between the screenplay’s author Frank Darabont. You knew it had to show up online eventually, and tonight it did. Frank Darabont’s Indiana Jones 4 script, the one George Lucas threw in the. John Moore laments the lost, Shia-free version of Lucas and Spielberg’s summer hit but is it by Frank Darabont?.

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Jan 29, 2, 0 0 Portland, OR. Retrieved from ” https: Oh yeah, there are jonss aliens. So this climax we keep talking about. The summary is approved by the editorial board.

We are the global experts in source protection — it is a complex field. Previously leaked onto the internet, but then taken down 2. Oh so has all those plot elements? Nov 27, 26, 0 0 florida. I’m reading the end and I’m not sure if it would have been better. WikiLeaks publishes documents of political or historical importance that are censored or otherwise suppressed. Count Dookkake Member Jun 12, Putting crazed Oxley into the monkey-Tarzan scene does not make it more believable, putting Indy in it makes it even worse.

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Apr 23, 11, 0 0. We can’t believe we’re going to defend a refrigerator ride on a nuclear wave, but we’re going to.

Jun 7, 14, 0 0. Feb 23, 23, 0 0 Montreal.

Indiaan you are a high-risk source and the computer you prepared your submission on, or uploaded it from, could subsequently be audited in an investigation, we recommend that you format and dispose of the computer hard drive and any other storage media you used.

May 2, 3, 0 0. For one, the conversation after the event is much more pointed — Indy actually talks about nuclear weapons with his interrogators, telling them that he doesn’t think anybody should have that much power.

If you cannot use Tor, or your submission is very large, or you have specific requirements, WikiLeaks provides several alternative methods.

Frank Darabont Indiana Jones IV script LEAKED!!!

The old fellow’s looking a bit wan in the aftermath of his ordeal, but is definitely himself again. Apr 24, 30, 0 0. Or heard him sing before It doesn’t hit you over the head with the alien stuff and rigid scritp right from the beginning, and it actually has a sense of mystery.

If you can use Tor, but need to contact WikiLeaks for other reasons use our secured webchat available at http: I always knew someday you’d come walking back through my door”and even the golden fertility idol. Dupy “it is in giving that we receive” Jun 12, If you need help using Tor you can contact WikiLeaks for assistance in setting it up using our simple webchat available at: Even those who mean well often do not have the experience or expertise to advise properly.

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She’s also married, and not to Dr.

Frank Darabont says Indiana Jones 4 was a Tremendous Disappointment – /Film

And, make no mistake about it, there are moments of real beauty in this thing. The following is the address of our secure site where you can anonymously upload your documents to WikiLeaks editors. However nidiana valid, there does seem to be a genuine creativity dispute between the screenplay’s author Frank Darabont and Lucasfilm. And that exchange, that line, means so much to this film, especially to the climax, that it’s easy to say it works better.