The lands of the Unapproachable East trade with the Old Empires because of their proximity, and Thesk is the avenue through which exotic goods from the far. The Unapproachable East Forgotten Realms supplement takes you to Aglarond, Rashemen, Thay, Thesk, and the Great Dale! Take a peek at. Unapproachable East (Dungeons & Dragons d20 Fantasy Roleplaying, Forgotten Realms Setting) [Richard Baker, Matt Forbeck, Sean K. Reynolds] on.

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Thay’s aggressive slaving and the abominable conditions of forgottenn slaves within its borders attract good adventurers eager to strike a blow against the cruel Red Wizards. Its women wield powerful magic tied to the land, training those with magical potential to serve the land and the Rashemi race. Alchemical items, arrows, bows, carved wood, herbs, magic items Alignment: It is sparsely inhabited by grim hunters who prefer solitude.

Over the last several years, this trade has grown from a convenient way to fill the zulkirs’ ezst and extract useful value from apprentices into an extremely rewarding enterprise.

Phsant Large City, 21, Its proximity to the swamps means it often suffers strange plagues. Cloth, food, wood products Exports: Given their esat role as a major trading state, Impilturans aren’t surprised by different sorts of people, although elves and half-elves are still uncommon in this area.

The Unapproachable East (1372)

Rashemi are a short, muscular, hardy race, given to cross-country relams in fierce winter weather, exploring the old northern ruins of fallen Raumathar, and hunting snowcats while unarmored and lightly armed. Click the link below to view the maps. Gems, gold, iron, silver, trade goods from the Cold Lands Alignment: It is loosely allied forgoyten Aglarond but has little contact with its neighbors.

The great mage Ythazz Buvarr, a member of a Mulhorandi secret society called the Red Wizards, sought to create a separate realm where wizards would rule instead of the god-kings.

Unapproachable East Map Gallery.

They learn iron self-control as quiet, careful underlings to powerful senior mages, and only dare to scheme when they command a powerful roster of personal spells. Its native people, a Rashemi race, were subject to the rule of a noble class, the Mulan of Mulhorand. Red Wizards occasionally scheme for an appointment as a tharchion to increase raelms own personal power and wealth.


Sparsely populated and with few natural resources, Thesk has avoided the conquering gaze of the Red Wizards and is instead a reliable trade partner for food and exotic goods brought in on the Golden Way. Aglarond proper consists of the Yuirwood and the cities on the northern coast of the peninsula. All Thayan children are examined for magical aptitude at an early age. They mastered powerful magic, built stone menhirs and ‘circle’s, and lived peacefully within their realm.

The plant-monsters stand in the line for days at a time; one occasionally leaves when a replacement arrives. The walled city of the same name metropolis; 54, is open to adventurers, even foreign ones, as long as these visitors don’t threaten Thayan interests.

It is unwpproachable by odd aquatic creatures – nixies, nereids, and types unknown, all ruled by a great nuapproachable spirit. All people of Aglarond are respectful of the Simbul, because it is her power that has kept the Red Wizards at bay for so long. A group of Old Ones has grown tired of living lives of isolation and wish to see more of the world.

Some of the forest’s stone ‘circle’s act as portals to elsewhere in Toril including Evermeet and even other worlds. The tax stations are surrounded by villages where free Thayans dwell, providing services and goods to the vast, fertile farms that sprawl across the plateau. This glacial body of water is also known as reqlms Lake of Tears because of the battles fought on its fortotten.

The city is often a launching point for adventurers delving into the Sunrise Mountains.

Native folk who wish to trade for foreign goods occasionally visit Uthmere. She is married to the High Blade of Mulmaster, a political union that has brought Thay greater access to the Moonsea through its Mulmaster enclave.

Most Rashemi never leave the, realm after the dajemma of their youth, a year-long journey wherein youthful Rashemi become adults and see the world. They fight in loosely disciplined warbands known as Fangs, each led by a chieftain. In Thay, slaves are everywhere.


The dreary, constantly windswept place survives by fishing. Only associated with the Great Dale by proximity, this place is populated by people from Impiltur, Damara, and Thesk. The Plateau of Thay: These challenges keep them strong, sast weakness would doom them to death at the claws of the land’s many monsters.

The locals survive through subsistence farming and trade with Theskian merchants. These maps are not the final versions, but you will get a great idea of what locations have been mapped and included in the supplement! Inhabited by dangerous creatures such as stirges, poisonous snakes, hydras, reaoms mounds, trolls, and disease-carrying insects, the swamp has foiled eawt by Thayan armies more than once.

It’s certain death to harm a Witch, and usually death to disobey one unless one is a child, another Witch, or an ignorant outlander defying the word of a Witch for the first time. The abundant slave power maintains high food production, allowing locally made beer and bread to sustain slaves along with the endlessly available boiled or pickled vegetables.

The land is full of nature spirits, any of which can turn jealous or vindictive against those who offend them. Their few moderate veins of iron supply the country’s needs plus a small amount for export.

Unapproachable East (supplement) – Wikipedia

The mountain is populated by at least two copper dragons that engage in joke-contests with the gnomes on an annual basis. The Gorgon’s Alliance Planescape: When adventurers came to slay monsters, the elves of the Yuirwood retreated unqpproachable into the wood. The sprawling city is garrisoned with gnolls from the Thayan army. This realns has a large military fortress and gold mines among its central mountains.

With outright conquest denied them, the zulkirs discovered that a great demand for Thayan goods – specifically magic items – exists in the cities oi the Inner Sea.

Among themselves, Witches strive to understand living things and their fellow Rashemi, so that open disputes are few.