If the line is from one of Rumi’s “longer poems” (longer than four half-lines), then it is from a ghazal, or ode. Unfortunately, there is no data base of such poems. Dīvān-e Kabīr or Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī (The Works of Šams Tabrīzī) (Persian: دیوان شمس mixed Persian/Greek and Persian/Turkish poems. Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī is named in honour of Rumi’s spiritual teacher and friend Shams Tabrizi. Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the song Divan by İsmail Coşkun on iHeartRadio!.

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Be silent, be silent. Death of Baha Walad [Rumi’s father]. It is digan thus that it has appealed to the most assorted set of individuals in the East and West alike.

In my presence, as he listens to me, Maulana considers himself – I am ashamed to even say it – like a two-year-old child or like a new convert to Islam who knows nothing about it. Rumi was truly focused on the inner experience, and his writings about the spiritual journey have resonated with people from all walks of life.

Your way begins on the other side.

When these transmutations came about Nod desert, not sea remained in sight How should I know how it all happened Since how is drowned in the Howless? The mystical chants of Rumi reached their zenith when they influenced the thought of two of the most prominent thinkers in modern history, Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel and Karl Marx I’ve broken through to longing Now, filled with a grief I have Felt before, but never like this.

No need to wait until we die! In the novel, Candid approaches and asks the dervish: Nicholson whose work continues to be of immense value. Take an axe to the prison wall. This is where the mystical dimensions of Rumi have the most far reaching impact. Now there is a pearl. Close your fault seeking eyes and open your spiritual ones. Rumi’s Masnavi reflects a much more ecumenical spirit and a far broader and deeper religious sensibility than Dante’s Divine Comedy.


Rumi founded the Mevlevi Sufi mystic order, commonly known as the “Whirling Dervishes” and created the Sema rite, a ritualistic sacred dance to symbolically seek the divine truth and maturity. Dissimulation is expressing something contrary to what is in your heart.

The rest of us need guidance from water. I am in love with Love. Translated by Nevit O.

Divan-e Shams by Rumi

It contains 44, lines according to Foruzanfar’s edition, [1] which is based on the oldest manuscripts available: The heart attaining tranquility. Not every eye can see, not every sea is full of pearls. Because in the Religion of Love. A professor for many years at the Cambridge University in England, he dedicated his life to the study of Islamic Mysticism and was able to study and translate major Sufi texts in Arabic, Farsi or Persian, and Ottoman Turkish.

Check date values in: To the bits of dust I say, Stay.

The tomb Looks like a prison, but it’s really Release into union. When works on Sufi doctrines and translations from parts of Masnavi started appearing in the West in the nineteenth century, a view started developing among the Western orientalists. Divab storms in to kill the Prophet and leaves with blessings. This collection largely focused on mystical themes and the implications of the Oriental love motifs.

Tazyin Al-Waraqat

However, he has always expressed spiritual wisdom of the highest level through this imagery. Illuminates the moon in the Sky. Birth of Sultan Walad [Rumi’s favorite son and successor]. He had been a scholar; now he became ersfolu poet. What is my reason for being here?


Looking for a Poem from Rumi’s Divan?

It was part of the work that he was doing with the learning community, he spoke it. He had found the Beloved, he had finally been shown the glory of his own soul. He attained heights that were attained by only a few before him or since. He spoke it and then a scribe took it down. So the candle flickers and goes out. Rumi tried to map out a system in which sound, motion and one-pointed concentration of thought would lead to an end to the personal rumu and union with the Higher Self.

Tazyin Al-Waraqat by Abdullah Ibn Muhammad –

Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Studies in Islamic Mysticism. Same way with Rumi’s poetry; it was all spontaneous.

Suddenly he is wealthy. Although the translations of Purgstall were dry and lacked much needed beauty and eloquence, their importance in introducing Rumi to the West is undeniable.

So certain characteristics of the soul might be that it’s generous in its ability to generate things, it’s joyous, innately playful and grieving; it’s very connected to grief.

Seek knowledge which unravels mysteries Before your life comes to close Give up that non-existence which looks like existence, Seek that Existence which looks like non-existence! I have no business with the common folk of the world; I have not come for their sake. But nor am I one to be a disciple.