In future if need evolves for a small universal machine like PCB BOX or My experiences with the PCBBOX (same as the PCB Prototyper). ()lynkx What do you think? I’m very tempted to buy it. The Elektor PCB Service was originally launched in , and since then more for prototypes, without compromising on quality or delivery (try our PCB proto.

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While adding endless PRINT statements to show intermediate results, it occurred to me that there had to be a better way.

Code examples are attached.

You really need those pins as the sideways forces when milling are quite large and will result in mis-shapen holes being milled. Collinbus people responded any of my annoying questions and did all their best to help me.

You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. So, what are my overall impressions of this machine?

Any software problems encountered? Eletor post 5 for an updated ZIP file, Well I tried a number of methods. A wide variety of elektor pcb prototyper options are available to you, such as free samples.


We all have our own process, so I guess this will be of very little general interest but it might be handy for that “all else fails” moment. My PC just wouldn’t communicate with the machine.

The new Elektor PCB prototyper they did similar a few years back with a colinbus machine , and people were not happy , so i’d approach this with caution.

No more triangular off-centre potentiometer holes, and what’s more, the outside dimensions of the panels are so accurate, I milled six 71mm panels to go in a 19 inch rack, and they fit to within a hair’s width! Am I glad I bought it? It may tick all the boxes in the pdf, but that doesn’t mean it wont rattle itself to pieces if you try and and mill more than a uM at a time.

Now the good stuff.

Copper Clad Circuit Board for PCB Prototyper

Relevancy Transaction Level Response Rate. Shenzhen Flying Technology Co. Keep up the good work. Thanks Yes it ships with all modifications, pay me a beer for discovering the flaws. So slektor didn’t work either.

Flexible assembly line for prototypes within a week

Unfortunately, when selecting individual tracks to be milled, the software forgot that it has to send the drill head round at a sensible speed and sent slektor shooting round the PCB outline at breakneck speed.


The machine works like pototyper charm and I dont regret buying it. But i could do nothing without manufacturer standing next to me and supporting me. The place to discuss Elektor projects, articles and products with authors, designers and fellow readers. I’ve emailed Colinbus and am waiting orototyper Version 1. I want to interface a auto switch for the vaccum but dont know the pinout. Not quite perfect as it isn’t possible to align the 2 halves, as position is based on pixel increments rather than sensible fractions of a millimetre.

The new Elektor PCB prototyper

I let you know my results. Results 1 to 10 of I thought at first it was something stupid I’d done, so I did it again This means that the milling head rubs over the surface of the material and leaves scratch marks.

Thanks, Tomorrow I start with this new tool. The electronics enthusiast’s product design cycle.