With a cast of beloved characters from previous Pern novels, Dragongirl is another triumph for Todd McCaffrey—and a riveting chapter for the Dragonriders of. Editions. Dragongirl. Paperback Dragongirl . Todd McCaffrey · Paperback · Ebook. View more editions. Buy from Buy from – arrow icon. Dragongirl (Dragonriders of Pern) by Todd McCaffrey – book cover, description, publication history.

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In this book he even becomes weyrlingmaster and proxy weyrleader despite not being a dragonrider, which is made even more surprising given that he has been rejected on the hatching grounds three times. There was a bond between them, she knew it. I As a fanatic Mccafftey lover since the 70s, it was disheartening to read this book.

Whilst it is worthwhile exploring the dragongifl dynamics of a weyr, Todd has focused far too much on this, and not nearly enough on the story The Chronicles Of Pern: Somehow the love that he captures with the dragons escapes his human characters.

Dragongirl (Dragonriders of Pern) by Todd McCaffrey

It got better but never fully went away. But could the past itself prove the pathway to salvation for Pern’s imperiled dragons? Primarily it continues the story of gold dragonrider Fiona of Fort and the people she leads.

The bronze rider had been her mentor, her trainer, and the Weyrleader of the small group of injured and immature riders who had accompanied her back in time. Telgar Weyr next morning AL 2 I6. The jacket identifies cover artist Les Edwards.

First Fall Anne McCaffrey. Oh, and I know I said two, but the third will be quick.

With the aid of Lorana, the rider who sacrificed her dragon for others, dragognirl Fiona’s true love, the harper Kindan, she proposes a daring, nearly impossible plan. No, wait, he’s dead, too But if it succeeds, it just might save them all.


When Fiona had realized that, had really understood, she had turned to T”mar. He has two siblings: In this book, technically all the plagues are over, but it takes disaster to a new, personal level. And, for one of my favourite series, no less!

Inspired by Your Browsing History.

And then there was the poor writing on every level; from poor pacing, plotting, characterizations to wrapping up what little he was going to, in literally the last 2 pages. I still enjoy visiting Pern whenever I can I must admit that I borrowed the audio Mccfafrey from the library to help with the hardback I own to get through it.

That book was shit. Perhaps it’s because it’s been awhile since the last Pern book came out; perhaps it’s the fact that the books aren’t following any kind of chronological sequence I know – – – they never truly have.

When will it end? He had been dragngirl person who could help her take that next step in becoming a queen rider. McCaffrey mcacffrey things in a whole other direction. Fiona opened one eye and saw that the younger girl was eyeing her with a mixture of trepidation, assessment, and fear.

But I don’t understand a lot of the story choices here. I’ll wait on the library list for it. Three women bathing together, anyone? However, after reading all of his books so far, he is duplicating his same basic plot – huge plague, killing off many characters, imminent doom and destruction for everyone on the planet, needs someone to save the day, yadda yadda yadda.


Dragongirl (Pern, #22) by Todd McCaffrey

The ending – pure disappointment and unnecessary. Beautiful Talenth had grown, had become a queen in all her glory, ready for mccfafrey first mating flight, ready to add her hatchlings to the dragons of Pern. Talenth’s recovery and the recovery of all the other dragons of Pern is delivered by the unflagging efforts of Lorana and Kindan at Benden Weyr – but their one vital clue is only bought with the loss of all the dragons of Telgar Weyr.

On the plus side, the ridiculous amount of partner-swapping in the book had me laughing in amazement throughout! How could others not see the magic and love of these two womyn? I usually love books about Pern I would not recommend this book to anyone, and I wish I could get my money back on the Kindle book. Looking for More Great Reads?

Following the plague that had decimated the dragons, and the loss of an entire Weyr, the remaining dragons are overstretched, and the limited numbers lead to even further casualties. It really didn’t even feel like an editor had made any attempt at helping the book.


Instead, this starred Emily Durante. Preview — Dragongirl by Todd McCaffrey. Durante’ I wish I could give this book 20 stars!

Todd seems to think writing Pern novels is as easy as copying ideas from his mother.