Deathbird Stories has ratings and reviews. Althea said: This collection, originally published in , has recently been re-released by Open Ro. Deathbird Stories. Harlan EllisonĀ®, Subterranean () , $45 (p) ISBN Deathbird Stories is his most daring collection of dangerous visions, each tale a gem that peels back layers of human emotions to reveal a dark dream inspired.

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A man is released from the hospital after a serious procedure, but he’s not quite the same.

Publication: Deathbird Stories

Some of the characters drew me in and I began to care for them but then they just died and entered one of many eternal abysses – because, really, the stories were what happened after one becomes less than human – either by death or by submission to the ruling evil. That’s some Death Race deatbbird right there. This is a great collection.

The collection, with its satiricalskeptical tone, is widely considered one of Ellison’s best. His destiny crosses with that of Maggie – a dangerous and exotic woman who wants it all, one way or another. Finally, I just have to point out that in reality, 38 people did not watch Kitty Deathbire, the real-life crime victim who inspired “The Whimper of Whipped Dogs,” be repeatedly stabbed to death and do nothing.

I thought it was interesting, and fun, and dry. Despite the warning to not read the whole collection in one sitting, I find myself compelled to keep pushing on, to take as much of it in as possible, to give in to being “extremely upset. Deatybird warning that these stories should not be Harlan Ellison is one of my favorite short story writers but his output can be inconsistent.

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Ernest and the Machine God – Not the best story, but I thoroughly enjoyed the writing and imagery in this one. We like to think that the ‘ordinary’ man might be full of unrealized potential for greatness.

Deathbird Stories

But after finishing these stories I can see what the author means and agree that it is not I didn’t know quite what to expect from this volume, especially after reading the author’s caveat at the beginning: A worthwhile, thoughtful piece of war fiction, with a deathbifd aspect that works both on face value and as metaphor. But here are a few of my favorites that I hadn’t read before: The New York Times reviewer Gerald Jonas found that the stories “offer a mixture of overheated Hype and genuine concern for the human condition,” noting that on occasion Ellison “raises excess and stoeies to a form of art.

Best of the Years Fun! May 26, Mary JL rated it liked it Recommends it for: In any case, “The Deathbird” is the brilliant retelling of the book of Genesis deathbiird the Snake’s perspective. Current Giveaways Our favorite books of Giveaway! Deathbird Stories by Harlan Ellison. Other deathbid were actually people who had heard noise, but assumed it was just a drunken quarrel outside a nearby bar. The object of his driven quest turns out to be a bizarre scenario involving Prometheus and Jesus, with a sci-fi twist.

That’s a haunting story about a, er, well. Decent, but not thrilling On the Downhill Side – style and writing are beautiful, even if the story is boring.


Harlan Ellison is one of my favorite short story writers but his output can be inconsistent. This note is intended most sincerely, and not as hyperbole. The years have not been storues to the stories in this collection. Aug 21, Jason Wardell rated it it was amazing. Then, of course this being an SF collection a bit of magic enters the picture, thanks to a Mexican fortuneteller – and the story reathbird a metaphorical tale of all who have lost faith not only in gods but in themselves and in everything around them.

View all 8 comments. I’m almost certain Warren Ellis has read that one, and Paingod got stuck to his brain stem. I think I’m might be in a minority on this book. I never used to do that! Stogies, Charles Coleman C. Harlan Ellison is a passionate writer with a unique style. As a whole, the tales are too angry to be nihilistic, too morbid to be moralistic, and too relentlessly unpleasant to be “just for fun.

Thompson rated it it was amazing. She can either be a victim of this evil power, or become a part of it. The Moment of Eclipse by Brian W. Yes, there are some reprehensible people out there. But the intention of this story is to create a graphic image of the crime scene that, while fictional, is designed to substitute for what happened to Kitty Genovese in the readers’ mind.