RAE G Manual hand wheel. RA G Radiator valves . Type. Description. Code no. RA-N set straight + elbow + self-sealing tailpiece. Thermostatic Sensors Type RAE. Application. RAE is a self-actuating proportional controller with a small P-band. The series includes: • RAE with built-in. Danfoss s.r.o.. V Parku / CZ 00 Praha 4. Tel: + Fax: + @

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They’re at lot easier if fitted vertically as you only have pipe below it as opposed to the radiator. ALCPlumbing16 Dec Danfoss rae buyer agrees that if no insurance is purchased and the item is not received or received damaged that no claim shall be brought against the seller. Please be aware that we may require up to 30 Days to determine the products export classifications [Export Control Classification Number ECCN ] and in the unlikely event that an export license is required, we would need an additional Days for licensing.

Hello, I’ve searched the internet to find out how to remove my Danfoss radiator valve to no avail I want to check the pin since the radiator is cold and it rxe-5054 need bleeding.

I bought a pair of pliers today which are narrow enough to reach the black ring. Phoenix Phase Converter is NOT responsible for redelivery charges or shipping charges for returns or repairs. Your name or email address: Finally solved this, btw. Dsnfoss wasn’t the pin in the end but I got danfosss radiator working nevertheless by adjusting one of the other valves.


Please contact us through the eBay messaging service to arrange a collect freight shipment. Plumbing and Central Heating.

Please ask any questions before your purchase; be as specific as possible. We cannot ship freight or any UPS Express deliveries without a contact phone number. We ship from warehouses in 6 different cities to provide you with the quickest delivery possible.

Trooperh22 Febin forum: I don’t want to use so much force that I cause havoc. If you require an alternate shipping method, dqnfoss contact danfoss rae using the ask a question link at the end of the item.

Do you already have an account? All the advice I’ve found doesn’t seem to work with this valve, yet it can’t be so rare. Link to photo below can’t seem to embed it. I haven’t been able to get it to budge by either turning or pulling. Does it need to be unscrewed?

Turns out this model actually required a wrench. It should just pop off. You will be contacted via email with the appropriate dafoss that will need to be returned to us in order to complete your order, please be advised that we danfoss rae complete your order if you do not provide all of the data dnafoss. Is the trick with the black ring between the metal ring to the left and the white valve itself?

Mollie 24 Jan The item you receive may not be the exact one pictured when multiple items are listed. Just below the white body if it was vertical anyway. Perhaps I need a visit to the hardware store.

Danfoss Valve Removal

The item you receive may not be the danfoss rae one pictured when multiple items are listed. Please let us know dnfoss you have any special requirements. BxlBill16 Dec The tricky part is actually getting access to that plastic ring as it’s too narrow to get my fingers or a danfosx into.


BxlBill10 Jan TheKeymeister 28 Oct I simply turned the large bolt near the radiator and it then came off very easily.

DANFOSS RAE thermostatic head G | Eshop Kreiner Plzeň

Even so, it is impossible to rotate it. Thanks for the danfosss. Can you use pliers or something to that effect. No, create an account now.

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On your picture it’s just to left of the white body I think there is a plastic clip that you rotate to release the valve head. We don’t ship to Danfoss raeHawaii or Puerto Rico. All the other radiators in the flat are nice and hot. Either it’s not danfoss to rotate or it’s stuck. RigidRaider 1 Nov Just wanted to close the story in case anyone else ever digs up this thread!

You just rotate the black ring as far as it will go and whilst in that position you should be able to pull the head away from the body of the valve.

Tax danfoss rae is available if we are provided with a valid Arizona resale certificate.