This article discusses about Potentiometers, construction, working, its applications and also different types which include rotary and linear Potentiometer. Free Ebooks dc crompton potentiometer theory for download in PDF, MOBI, EPUB, HTML for Amazon Kindle and other Ebooks Readers. Potentiometers. Introduction. A Basic dc Potentiometer. Crompton’s dc Potentiometers. Applications of dc Potentiometers. AC Potentiometers.

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A centre zero type galvanometer is included in the circuit to indicate deflection. Our highly experienced and professional team of experts offers these products as per the diverse application requirements of different industries.

Final adjustments are made for zero deflection with the help of the rheostat. These EMFs can be crompgon only by special construction i. Thus, these products are widely used in diverse sectors such as laboratories, health care sector and medical institutions. Digital Potentiometer in Ambala. Chand ” is the best in industry. This fixes the working current to its proper value.

The circuit of a single potentiometer may be modified in a simple way to add a second range, which is usually by a second factor, such as 0. This does not mean, unfortunately, that small voltages can be read with assurance to 0.

The following steps are used when making measurements with the above potentiometer: As the balance is approached, the protective resistance is shorted, and final adjustments are made to obtain true balance.

In this potentiometer, only one or two main dials, consisting of decade resistance boxes, are used.

DC Crompton’s Potentiometer or Laboratory Type Potentiometer

This potentiometer is supplied with a self standardization circuit built in, which renders The switch S is thrown to the calibrate position and the galvanometer key is tapped while the rheostat is adjusted for zero deflection on the galvanometer.


There is also a single turn circular slide wire. The measuring circuit current I cromptno must be equal to 10 mA in order to produce a voltage drop of 1. To fulfill potentiomdter diversified demands of our clients, we offer these products at budget friendly prices.

This provides a means of standard cell balance resistance to suit the emf value of the particular standard cell used. Hence, voltage drop per unit length of the resistor is equal throughout its length. Measurements are subject to stray thermal crmpton contact Potntiometer s in the potentiometergalvanometer and the measuring circuits. This textbook ” Electrical and Electronics Measurements by S. The potentiometer is used to monitor the value of temperature where a thermocouple is employed.

Now let’s think about another circuit, where a battery is connected across a resistor via a switch and a rheostat as shown in the figure below. There is one dial switch with fifteen steps, each having a precision resistor.

Crompton Potentiometer

The value of the compensating resistors is such that the resistance of the potentiometer circuit, as viewed from terminals, where the unknown emf is applied, remains constant irrespective of the position of the sliding contacts.

Rust proof body Durability Easy to operate Specification: This potentiometer is provided with an independent standardising circuit AD which can be set on any range of standard cell emf from 1.

Number potsntiometer Employees Upto 10 People. The third dial is obtained from a shunt circuit which permits a true zero and a small negative setting to be obtained. Get Cdompton Price Request a quote. The main dial setting is kept nearly equal to the emf being measured.


The above requirement means that the voltage E ac in above figure remains the same for both positions of range switch S. A drop of 1.

The selector switch S is put in the calibrate position and the rheostat is adjusted so that there is no current flowing through the galvanometer. The protective resistance is kept in the circuit in the initial stages so as to protect the galvanometer from being getting damaged. Get best deals for coconut. The output of crommpton thermocouple is fed to the unknown emf terminals. You can download this article as pdf, ppt.

The below figure shows the schematic diagram of a duo-range two range potentiometer. This instrument has two ranges: Duo range type potentiometer. Crompton Potentiometer Get Latest Price. I agree to the terms and privacy policy. Our company is devotedly potentiomteer in supplying a wide assortment of Crompton Potentiometer that is designed potentiometter the latest technology. Thus the galvanometer scale can be calibrated to read the out of balance emf directly.

Potentiometer Working Principle of Potentiometer

As the balance or null point is approached, the protective resistance is shorted so as to increase the sensitivity of the galvanometer. When the range switch S is thrown to position x 0. The value pktentiometer the unknown emf is obtained by adding the galvanometer reading to the main dial setting.

Get best deals for coconut. This potentiometer is supplied with a self standardization circuit built in, which renders standardization dependent on setting of voltage dials.