Utilisation des guides d’ondes à cristal photonique de lumière lente et des cavités a été largement adopté par la communauté de la. Histoire des Cristaux Photoniques. Préhistoire et précurseurs. Naissance officielle Mise en place des principaux concepts – Les tendances. L’invention concerne un multiplexeur/démultiplexeur optique à cristal photonique bidimensionnel comprenant une hétérostructure plane présentant des orifices.

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Kind code of ref document: Resonateur optique interferenciel a cristal photonique bidimensionnel a defauts ponctuels, et reflecteur optique.

WOA1 – Orientation de faisceau au moyen d’un cristal photonique – Google Patents

It fits completely the Nanotechnology axe in applications such as threaten detection, and miniaturized devices to be used in hazardous environments. Numerical studies of 2D photonic crystals: Interesting process, Plasma Etch Inc.

Photonic crystal continuous taper for low-loss direct coupling into 2D photonic crystal channel waveguides and further device functionality. Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about access: Dispersionless slow light in MIM waveguide based on a plasmonic analogue of electromagnetically induced transparency.

Fill out the form below to receive a free trial or learn more about xristal.

Cristal Photonique / Reflet / Allemagne SD Collection Stock Vidéo | Framepool & RightSmith

Portalupi et le professeur Lucio C. Filtre de transfert de canaux a haute efficacite a commutation et modulation commandees par l’absorption. Ultrasmall multi-channel resonant-tunneling filter using mode gap of width-tuned photonic-crystal waveguide. Click here for the english version. Simultaneous guidance of slow photons and slow acoustic phonons in silicon phoxonic crystal slabs.

EP Kind code of ref document: A subscription to J photoniqur VE is required to view this article. Investigation on two dimensional photonic crystal resonant cavity based bandpass filter. DE DED1 de Unable to load video. If that doesn’t help, please let us know.


Fabrication et caractérisation de guides d’ondes à cristal photonique lumière lente et les cavités

This nano-device in lithium niobate will have the unique property of being able to exacerbate the electro-optic effect with respect to bulk devices. Go to the main navigation Go to the content Go to the search form. Photonic systems and methods for encoding data in carrier electromagnetic waves. Back to the previous page. Reconfigurable optical add-drop multiplexer incorporating sets of diffractive elements.

The project goal is to develop extremely sensitive electric field E-field sensor with flat response in a very large frequency range based on electro-optic photonic crystal devices fabricated on suspended micrometric size membranes of lithium niobate.

Integrating element for optical fiber communication systems based on photonic multi-bandgap quasi-crystals having optimized transfer functions. Multimode interference effect and self-imaging principle in two-dimensional silicon photonic crystal waveguides for terahertz waves. Waveguides, coupling between waveguides and filters.

Method and apparatus for implementing optical deflection switching using coupled resonators. The project coordinator is the author of this abstract and is therefore responsible for the content of the summary. Article and method for implementing electronic devices on a substrate using quantum dot layers.

It’s called the magna, check it out www.

Please recommend JoVE to your librarian. Optical interleaver and demultiplexing apparatus for wavelength division multiplexed optical communications. EP EPB1 fr Indeed, Photonic crystals PhCs are periodic arrangements of dielectric media that exhibit a photonic band structure that is analogous to the electronic band structure cristl crystalline solids [JJ08].

In particular, the possible existence of a photonic band gap -a range of optical wavelengths that cannot propagate through the structure unless line or point defects are incorporated— provides opportunities for device engineering analogous to semiconductors junctions or heterostructures. Skip to content Engineering. Because the ;hotonique field sensor is an all-optical and an all-dielectric device, it offers minimal disturbance to the electric field to be measured and opens the way to near field measurements.


The present project falls entirely within the photoonique guidelines of the DGA for and beyond. Request for preliminary examination filed prior to expiration of 19th month from priority date pct application filed before Get cutting-edge science videos from J o VE sent straight to your inbox every month.

WO2007087422A1 – Orientation de faisceau au moyen d’un cristal photonique – Google Patents

Attenuation of optical transmission within the band gap of thin two-dimensional macroporous silicon photonic crystals. In addition, our proposal can be used also in applications that are directly related with the axes Waves and Photonics since it could be used in the following cases: Because of their potential to offer unprecedented control over the flow of light in extremely small structures, PhCs have been viewed as having some revolutionary impact on photonics as the planar transistor did in electronics.

The effect of higher-order dispersion on slow light propagation in photonic crystal waveguides. Please sign in or create an account. If the problem continues, please let us know and we’ll try to help.

A wavelength demultiplexing structure based on metal-dielectric-metal plasmonic nano-capillary resonators. Ce brassage polarisation est responsable de petits pics et faible SNR.

Compact in-plane channel drop filter design using a single cavity with two degenerate modes in 2D photonic crystal slabs. Country of ref document: