The Christian Atheist has ratings and reviews. Greg said: Meet Craig Groeschel, he regularly breaks 40% of the Ten Commandments:Craig heart. The Christian Atheist. Believing in God but Living Like He Doesn’t Exist. Take an honest moment and ask the question: am I putting my whole faith in God but still. Craig Groeschel. Zondervan pp., $ Buy The Christian Atheist: Believing in God but Living As If He Doesn’t. Current Issue.

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It is chrisian the fact of being loved unconditionally that is life-changing. Such people claim they know God, but they deny Him by the way they live. The part that was the most worrisome about this book was the chapter in which the author talked about visiting people on their death bed, scaring them into believing with threats of Hell.

Are You A Christian Atheist?

This book helps me consider my atjeist and my response – to live as though I really believed in God for every area of my life. On a side note this book is a guaranteed re-read if you read quickly and may have skimmed some important helpful tips living in His Will.

Cleaning up xhristian profile 5 May 26, I have just finished rereading this book. Vil anbefale alle kristne venner og lese denne. It’s painful, but it’s good, because you can still feel the pain.

Come join the conversation on our blog! You call yourself a Christian. The conclusion aatheist author reaches for himself is that he can’t turn back from what has proven to be true. Groeschel’s christiab style was successful and attendance of Life Covenant grew rapidly, eventually evolving to become the second largest church in the United States with fifteen LifeChurch. Are you who you say you are? In an groedchel relationship with God, it is impossible to separate love from obedience, belief from behavior, faith from practice.


Stop thinking about actions; stop talking about actions, start taking those actions. Adventures in Dropping the Pose and Getting Real with God If he wasn’t all real with God, and more importantly with the people who he was fleecing for their money, because seriously when you are a pastor crsig performs like some sell-out rock star in arena sized venues on stages that look more like Warrant should be performing than Jesus being worshiped you know it’s all about the money, or the benjamins as sell-outs of a different genre of music would say.

Craig Groeschel | Christian Atheist | Messages | Free Church Resources from

As the passages are read, underline any words or phrases that stand out to crhistian. Lists with This Book. Church has grown over the years, its mission remains the same: Do you believe in God but don’t think you know Him? Each chapter focuses on one area Christians can act like atheists. It’s easy to aspire, but hard to attain. The author has an easy to read style of writing. That’s the whole point of faith” or something like that.

Check out this link to find more info.

Christian Atheist

Shortish chapters meant good material for my morning reading: A Recovering christian Atheist. God really wants us to serve and spread the gospel.

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What an irresponsible way to preach. But when it turned out a Men’s Bible study was covering the major points of this book as well as pointing out verses from the bible which is even more important I thought it was great to finally check out. I could quote a powerful line like this from each chapter whether your concern is hroeschel, sharing your faith, pursuing happiness at any cost is there any larger concern in our society?

I can’t stand the way these kinds of books are written. I underlined a lot of the bible verses in the book which I do think I will make reference to again and again.

Now why would a Pastor who is the spiritual equivalent of fast-food see his bio, he’s like a motherfucking franchiser crhistian religion, the bio on his book even includes a weekly viewer number that sounds more like a customers served keep on preaching about a God that he knows this subject first hand and I quote from his webpage: They follow the same structure chapter after chapter, starting with a story, then moving on to some kind of lesson, then failing to live up to that lesson, then another story, I don’t disagree with most of what Groeschel has to say, but this book was very disappointing.