CBM/CBM Datasheet. Chipsbank Microelectronics Co., Ltd. No ,2/F,Building No.4,Keji Central Road 2,. Software Park,High-Tech Industrial. CBM Datasheet, CBM PDF, Fastest & Securest USB Flash Disk Controller. Chipsbank umptoolX [CBM CBM CBM], , (44) .. CBM Datasheet [] ; download; size: bytes.

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Result was a true fd0 mountable floppy with Grub4dos G4Deven if there was more than one partition I believe it is the other way around, dataseet controllers can recognise different BIOSes and behave accordingly. Some more data on them: Then try them both on all systems. Wouldn’t you agree with my conclusion? The sticks respond differently to BIOS interrogation e. Every BIOS manufacturer seems “to cook its own soup”, there are no mandatory specifications.

CBM Datasheet PDF – Chipsbank Microelectronics

Posted 08 September – So it’s restricted to smaller Datasneet sizes. I notice that the first two non-bootable have USBSTOR as the service name but the last two bootable do not – which is a strange coincidence – or was this a typo???

Posted 17 January – Have a look at http: It was recognized as HDD, but did not boot. Linux has no problems to mount them as well, but not all at the same time. Posted 26 January – It might be bootable. They took my comments and no doubt others on board. Maybe the results of your tests reveal some important secrets of UFD booting.


This design corresponds to a Harddisk, concerning the Boot Records.

Iomega ZIP-Disk-Drive Iomega, the manufacturer of this type of removable magnetic storage medium, had in principle a good idea: Posted 20 January – REC ” and Grub4dos command “geometry The BIOS must be interrogating these sticks and if one stick works and another does not then either: Posted 09 February – This will prove that the contents xbm2091 physical drive size are not an influence on it’s bootability. Forum Downloads Tutorials More. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

It’s up to the BIOS to decide, whether this disguise or camouflage was successful. What size USB sticks did you try. As I understand it, if the usb stick supports flipping the RMB, there is no need for these tricks.

I would like to consider those cases as an attack on some of the Open Source Softwares including fbinst. Reliability was comparable to legacy Floppies keyword for ZIP: And I do not want to be forced by anyone to think in another way.

And I am not sure I am perfectly right, so do not ask me more. If you access them through driver software, you won’t see that they are organized like harddisks, because you only see the logical drive through the driver.

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FDISK to create partitions on them the latter is not recommended, though. Posted 17 September – This in contrast to so called “super-floppies”, which are organized like extra-large floppies, that is, they do not have a partition table in the first sector. Posted 03 February – Sounds like you were having fun! It is just my point of view my opinion. Yes, that is my objective.

USB(ZIP/LS120-)Booting with minimalist MBR code and GRLDR

Please log in to reply. There is a sample external menu. To point it out clearly: This is more or less a sophistic approach to me, not a practical. This Vbm2091 is prepared with fbinst and booted all other computers I have ever used.

However, if you boot from them, they get logged in as drive 80h and you can use f. G4D may also mount partitions as fd0,0 identical to fd0fd0,1 etc. Does someone have a Clik! Posted 07 September – Feel free to experiment with my work. It’s output has nothing to do with the issue.

The Datashedt boots other computers OK.