Links to translation of Dorotheus: Carmen Astrologicum, by e. Dorotheus of Sidon, who appears to have lived in Alexandria, flourished in the first century AD. He wrote his Pentateuch (five books) on. CARMEN ASTROLOGICUM. translated by David Pingree. The first book of Dorotheus from the stars on the judgments concerning nativities: on the upbringing.

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Oliver White added it Feb 21, The E-mail Address es astrologcium entered is are not in a valid format. This is known from what I wrote for you without trouble and without pain. When Saturn also comes to that place, it also indicates children. If with this Saturn and Mars aspect, from [different] directions, the Moon, [which is] the king of the night, astroloicum he will have intercourse with his lady or the wife of one of the nobles, and so also predict in the nativities of women.

But if you find the lords of the triplicity of Venus in a bad place or a cadent, corrupted, or they are under the rays of the Sun or near the West, then predict differently from that about the aastrologicum of the marriage because those who are born will be of those who will never marry or whose marriage is with slave girls or whores or old women who are disgraced or those young in years, or he is a leaser of whores; we have seen someone in [a nativity] like this who leased his wife, and he was disgraced in this.

If this sign is the astroloticum of the Moon, which is Cancer, [and the Moon] is not in a good place, then the disaster will be because of [his] mothers or his mother’s relatives, or disaster will be his [because of] his father’s wives. If the lot happens to be in a sterile sign, then there is no good in his brothers sterile are Leo, Virgo, Capricorn.

If you find a masculine planet in the ascendant and another masculine [planet] aztrologicum the seventh sign and the “hour” is double, males astrologkcum born in it. I collected the best of their sayings from the first [authorities] who were before me like the bees which gather [honey] from the trees and all kinds of plants; for from it there is the honey of medicine. If the lords of Jupiter’s triplicity are in signs abounding in children, then predict that the number of children will be greater than what I said; their number will also be cqrmen clear to you from the section on brothers.

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Look at Venus where it is and which are the first, second, and third lords of its triplicity as, if they are with Venus or in a cardine or in trine to it [Venus], then this is a good indication because Venus is full for the matter of marriage. To know the condition of a asrrologicum man If Venus is in the seventh place from the atrologicum, it indicates injury and misery and calamity because of women and that he will have little stability with them, but will have intercourse with those who have need and poverty and slave girls [and] servants [and] strangers, but according to this he will be married because of the place of Venus in a cardine, I but because of the place of the ascendent opposite it [Venus] it indicates injury because of women.

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Dorotheus, Carmen Astrologicum: links to translation

Open Preview See a Problem? Now I will show you the magnitude of fortune and property. This is the indication of ruin, and retain this. If you find the Moon approximately as I told you about the Sun, then predict concerning his mother in the way you predicted concerning the father.

If you find one of them in its term and a cardine or in what is equivalent to this from among the places in which they are strong, then this increases his life, if God wishes, and strengthens him.

Carmen Astrologicum

If you also find the Sun in the sixth or the twelfth, then similarly it indicates the loss of his father’s astrologidum. If you find the lot of property in a good place and its lord also in [something] like this [and] eastern, then what it indicates will last for a long time. If the lord of the lot aspects the lot from a bad place, then there is no good for the native; and similarly if you find its lord in a cadent [whether] aspecting it or not aspecting it.

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If you find the indicator of the matter of children in the ascendent or midheaven or in the sign of fortune, then he will be blessed with children in his youth. Knowledge of masculine and feminine signs eastern and western and diurnal and nocturnal If you find the Sun in a good place and the lord of its triplicity cadent, then this indicates that his father is noble, but he will not keep his property and his honour because the Sun’s indication is thus.

Carmeen and the Sun indicate older brothers. If the lord of that is Jupiter, then the man who will marry her is well known [and] possesses fame in the towns and cities.

If Jupiter is cadent, it indicates the loss of his parents. Look at the lord of the xstrologicum of the sign in which is the shining luminary. If Mars is the lord of that lot, that benefit is because of a strange man whose work is work like the works of Mars, or his benefit is from violent deeds.

If you find the Moon and Venus together in the cardine under the earth while Jupiter aspects [them], it indicates [his] marriage to one astrologivum his atsrologicum, but he will have children at the end of his life.

If the Moon is in a masculine sign and the Astrollgicum also is in a masculine sign and the ascendant is what it is and the lord of the ascendant is Jupiter, similarly males are born. If you find the Moon in [those] crooked in rising and in the aspect of the malefics, there is no good for the woman who is wretched in this indication. Similarly, if you find the malefic [planets], both of them, in a cardine and the two luminaries, which are the Sun and the Moon, not aspecting the ascendant, this is an indication of evil [for] the woman.