How to Configure Broadband On BSNL Teracom Modem in PPPoE Mode To configure BSNL Broadband Internet on Teracom modem, we don’t need to run the. Hello, This is my last resort of finding some help to help me connect to internet. ISP: BSNL The gave me wired model Type 1 (TeraCom) I. For this setup, BSNL modem comes with a CD, which frankly speaking, is the worst manual I have ever seen. We have to wait for almost a week.

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Hi Vishnu, Do the following steps to findthe current login ip of teracom tdslw2 modem. In addition, same behavior of disconnect was noticed today. The Mac filter was set to whitelist. Though some values are different the configuration of the modem is similar to the above post. To know how to reset a modem, follow the steps in the link below. Connect multiple computers using same BSNL connection. If you are not able to join Teracom Wireless network, please click on the link below.

Need help to connect wireless – BSNL Teracom modem / CompUSA Router / Windows Vista (Urgent)

I have a coaxial cable modem, can I connect it with dataone? The lan is enabled in my laptop. Now they say I modej to setup it again? Is your wireless working fine with other devices?


How to: Configure Modem & LAN settings for your BSNL Broadband Connection – InTechgrity

If the issue persists, contact me back. But my lap is not getting connected with the printer. Hi Amitroutray, From the details of your comment, it is clear that the issue is at your Nexus 10 side. I suggest you to follow the user manual provided below for more information about this model. Tick enable Select Country: Can wifi be set in such a way that it will work only during specified hours.

This saved my Business!!! Have you changed the Teracom modem default username and password? Anyway thank you for the suggestions.

But the screenshot will be of only of Win7. Simply Switch off the Modem and Switch on it again to apply the new settings and then move to the next step… 2: You should reconfigure the modem to connect back.

Click on it and click the button ‘check for updates’. Now both my laptop and desktop connects to the internet at the same time, one through wireless connection and other through LAN cable respectively. Hi Pratyush, You may reset the modem and do a power cycle to fix it. To learn how to configure various versions of BSNL modems, click on the links below. Can I use same steps to configure it? Hi Nitish, Please try the steps in the link below. How to solve wifi problem.

Setup Wireless and Security On Teracom Router For BSNL DSL Modem Connection

I’ve reset the modem Please help. You may follow the instructions provided in this article. What do you say? Thread starter AurobindoSaha Start date Confoguration 7, Yes Link-local IPv6 Address. Are you using any wireless devices like cordless phone in your home? Kindly ask me questions, if you need more info. But after reset you will loose all previous configuration.


Try to find the right user name and password or you have to reset the modem and reconfigure it. No Select Security Option: Hi Arun, Once logon to the web based setup page, click on Admin.

Then your printer may connect the wireless network. To know more about teracom modem wireless settings follow the link below.

Make sure there is no MAC address filtering is enabled in wireless network. Hello, This is my teracim resort of finding some help to help me connect to internet. Initially the wifi was strong and no problem. I am using teracom modem here one usb port, 4 lan port, dsl, wlan is available is it possible to share my android mobile phone internet via usb tehering option and create a wlan for that netwotk.

Let us bshl step by step how to setup WiFi security on this device.