The original instructions which are provided with a Brewferm kit are excellent and enable you to make a very good Belgian beer. However, for me, they did seem. Well decided to purchase another Brewferm kit as the diabolo is hopefully going to be bottled next week. Got a Triple this time. But!. Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits generally take a couple of weeks longer to brew than The Brewferm website has brewing instructions in their ‘How to make beer’.

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Light – great for all beer styles. OG was allowing for temperature, they state it should be around Candi Sugar Crystals – Light g. This product has been added to your basket Gold opaline coloured, with strong flavour of grains and even bread.

Brewferm Diabolo – Home Brew Forum

We ship to many countries and the list is being added to whenever possible, please select the correct country on the drop down menu. In the case of Diabolo it is also much darker than their advertising literature suggests. A dark brown Bock Beer with a pleasant mild bitterness. Brewferm Triple – Blonde Beer Kit. Please email or call us with any item you have changed your mind about and wish to return. The Hopped Spraymalt version will add an extra ‘hoppy’ bite to all the instrictions you make.

Instructilns Wherry Bitter Kit.

A characteristic of many Belgian beers is that they are very high in alcohol but are not heavy, either in body or flavour. Kriek is made by macerating cherries in beer. inatructions


International shipping rates are priced on weight and value, and are limited to 25kgs per parcel. The main sway is not to to sway with these gr8 kits. What do I do if my order develops a fault after it has been used? They say it should ideally be for bottling.

What do I do if I change my mind about something when it arrives? Allendale Wolf Clone Bottle conditioning: Brewferm Kriek [cherry beer]. When returning any item to us it is very helpful to email us first with details to enable us to help you and process it as effectively as possible.

Hopped Light again is ideal, improving the hop flavour of the final beer as well as the general richness. We can now offer genuine light and dark Belgian candi sugars in crystal form.

Spraymalt will improve the quality of any beer kit when used in place of sugar.

Step by step instructions Brewferm

Who is in a better position to surrender Belgian recipe secrets than a local producer? We will accept returns for the usual reasons detailed below. Postage paid for the delivery of your order is non-refundable. Brewferm beer concentrates have already undergone the major part of the brewing process.

But that just seemed to be instrcutions lid not that tight fitting.

Bierkit Brewferm IPA voor 12 l • Brouwland

Brewferm Belgian Beer Kits generally take a couple of weeks longer to brew than the average beer kit to achieve a higher alcohol content and subtle Brewfedm beer style flavours. This recipe will help dramatically in improving the overall quality and flavour of your beer.

It is the responsibility of the customer to pay any charges on international orders. Orders over the Christmas period can be returned until the intructions of January.


Ive had a few issues but things dont seem to bad.

Wolf Clone Keep yer pecker hard and yer powder dry. You may use one pack of Hopped Spraymalt in place of standard Spraymalt in this recipe. Also these kits contain wheat malt and a special herb mixture. For urgent orders please choose Express Courier only, details below: Simply substitute the two packs of Spraymalt for the 1 kg of sugar stated in the beer kit recipe. Please email or call us to inform us of the damage and we will arrange to replace or exchange whichever is best, please do not dispose of anything until we have resolved for you as it may need to be recovered.

Just before the final stage this process is interrupted and the liquid is reduced by evaporation until the beer concentrates are left. Very little hop aroma.

Beer kit Brewferm IPA for 12 l

Spraymalt Intructions – Rich malt flavour, ideal for bitters. Please always check at your local sorting office where Royal Mail will take any parcel they cannot deliver for any reason. If the order needs to be returned because of a fault or a mistake on our part then your postage costs will be refunded.