But apparently down this path Bob Boyce took towards TPU-like scalar energy, of precise frequency control and heterodyning, lies the ability to. (As of Nov. ), A South African experimenter has modified an electrolysis circuit developed by Bob Boyce so that now it recharges his daughter’s electric. The Bob Boyce Plate Cell & PWMG3 & Toroid Coil & Plans. Given Away to the Public, to Further Mankind. Written by Patrick Kelly. Bob Boyce is easily the.

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These poor closed-minded souls do not look at the big picture, that WE do not have to input all of the energy IF we can tap into and channel a natural energy flow to do work. If this requires another IC to be a driver, so be it. Check this out and join BitTube. Without that information, it is nothing more than an oddly wound toroidal transformer ;- As you have probably noticed, signal phasing is VERY critical if you wish to control the beast.

I have battled this issue myself, but the hardest part I have had is getting others to understand why this extremely fast switching is so important. Lightning protection is an absolute MUST if you are wanting to experiment along these lines.

Bob Boyce TPU

After the positive pulse, there were a pair of fairly high amplitude positive spikes, with a low amplitude distortion between them. I am convinced that this is the way to go. Any help would hpu welcome You can be playing around with input parameters in different sections for different TPUs.

Similar to HVDC bias potential, the higher it is, the more effect it has. Hi Bob, well, I understand yes and no. If a user is unwilling to accept the GDPR, he should email us and request to erase his account. Home Community Help Login Register. Free Energy searching for free energy and discussing free energy. Tape the entire core well after winding to ensure that boce windings will not move.


Thaelin on August 08, Goes to show that with some time and effort, this thing works like a charm. How would you connect the open ended coil to this? What you will need for pulse on time will directly depend on how much latency is in your output processing, drivers, and switching devices. OK, I was doing some experiments on my air-core coil, and I noticed this. The term HV potential is accurate, while the term HV bias only applies if that HV potential is also providing the HV bias to a nob gas cell stack as the water entraining potential.

DC to DC converter. Just tie one lead to the output pin? Many of the powdered boyfe cores worked well, many did not. I’ll let everyone know as soon as I have something. I am checking uCntrl choices you have all made and if boyve fit new 10nS pulse-width hoyce delta.

Bob Is there any way bkb could post a schematic for that circuit? This is why just pulsing DC does not give the same effect, DC does not contain the longitudinal energy that the water is responding to in a resonance drive system. Other than the mil-spec Teflon insulation would require that interwinding spacing be altered, and possibly require the secondary to be potted for dielectric purposes.

This time, no overunity, but my odd pulsing waveform bib back and stable. I would also like to have the output stage opto isolated on separate boards — better for saftey and make sit easier to make a range of output boards to test: Further discussions in Earl’s corner, don’t want to boye from the main thread.

Free Energy: Bob Boyce Resonant Toroid

The analogy for this mode is like a “tropical storm”, to a “mild hurricane”. Hi Bob, I was referring to the very last diagram you showed in your last post. Grumpy on October 08, If you like, I can E-mail you pictures of my setup. Somewhere around 90′ or so.

That waveform was taken across a ohm resistor with a DC blocking capacitor between it and the secondary winding. My bouce abilities using the MicroShaft Paint program in windows is limited to rather crude stick drawings. Unless you have discovered a new form of toroidal propulsion! Then open up a hole for a vortex creation by providing an orthogonal electrostatic or magnetostatic field. If you use this website and our services you declare yourself okay with using cookies.


Theory of OperationAs I had already mentioned, standing waves do tup a very big role ininteractions between out of phase signals.

Bob Boyce TPU – [PDF Document]

This means that, in most cases, you can’t simply take off the shelf waveform bib, and connect them to just any old transistors driving the coils, and expect it to work the same. I’ve shot video of some of my cell stacks in operation in the past andthey were useless.

The consequence is that one must think about proper safety precautions. Accurate primary coil placement and characteristics are absolutely essential to accurate phase reproduction from the drive electronics.

I had another idea, which I will float to you. Vortex mode, which is almost identical to rotational mode.

That longitudinal winding is to be wound in the direction of rotation, from top to bottom. Enough load at thegate should be provided to get an ultra fast and clean turn of as well.

The permeability of the core helps ensure high flux density where it is desired, but not so high of a permeability as to saturate easy. Jdo on July 27, As you energize the coil from the left, the potential shock wave quickly travels down the coil from left to right, pushing the ferroresonant field along inside the core in a CCW direction, imparting some spin to that field.