A catalog of User Guides and Owner’s Manuals for Beseler enlargers and darkroom products available Beseler 67C Condenser Enlarger Manual (blue model). Documents Similar To Beseler 67c Enlarger Manual. SRTServiceManual. Uploaded by. Mario Lamprea ยท Beseler 45MXII Enlarger. Uploaded by. This camera manual is for reference and historical purposes, all rights reserved. Beseler periodically updates products and therefore illustrations and 67(2). ). TCS-ENLARGER. EXPLODED VIEW. IO – X. (

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This is simply lifted out. I’ve edited it a bit for brevity. The knobs and the indicating windows are color coded. At a time when products must sometimes be compromised to keep costs as low as possible, the 67CS is one compromise that works. If the lens is way out of alignment, I would guess one of three things: Two marked “A,” that always remain in place and one marked “B,” the beselrr left in place for small formats only.

The Charles Beseler company began in making scientific and lab equipment, and began producing enlargers in The cyan, magenta and yellow filter controls, the dials and the white, light lever are all plainly visible and easy to use on the front plate of the head.

In use the 67CS is, again, simple and straightforward. We will return on January 2nd, We maual this problem by throwing it away. The following is an unsigned product review from the late, great Modern Photography magazine, February I’ve edited them a little for brevity. Please enable JavaScript in your web browser. The lens and negative stages are pre-aligned at the factory, but this entire assembly may be easily aligned to the baseboard by means of four screws in the negative stage and a level or carpenter’s square.


Let’s look inside the unit. Using our standard negative on llfobrom 2 paper developed in Dektol 2: Then replace the screws and it’s done.

Now for some critical testing on the negative for alignment, illumination and temperature gradients. Add to cart Add to wish list. Jul 8, 7.

Aligning Beseler 67c | Photography Forums

Focusing is accomplished by either of the left and right side knobs. The mixing chamber is shaped like a small, slope-roofed house with a small window to allow light to enter.

A 35mm chamber was not available, nor did Beseler announce any plans for making one bseler. By continuing to use this site, you are consenting to our use of cookies.

Beseler 67C (early) Enlarger Instruction Manual

Jul 8, 5. The machine has a heavy look, is extremely rigid and has a good, solid feel to it. If your 67C enlarger has been fitted with a Dichroic colorhead, you will also require a separate dichroic lamphouse manual.

The 67C is the easiest machine to assemble that we have ever seen. The 23C head has more moving parts, two bellows, larger more expensive condensers and negative carriers, and a more expensive colorhead.

Dichro 67 Coloread By using dichroic filters the Beseler 67 Colorhead is designed to extend the capability of the 67 enlarger to color printing. If you put a beseeler piece 67cc glass on the neg stage and check the distance of each corner is to the baseboard, you can level it. Jul 8, 1. That’s a nice comfortable exposure time, well clear of reciprocity problems. The scale is bfseler from cc in units of 1 cc. This highly desirable item is, however, available as an accessory from Beseler.

This manual covers the condenser enlarger only. Related products Customer feedback Send to friend. And the solution is equally simple–providing a 35mm mixing chamber. To the right of the face plate is a white-light lever, which, in the up position, gives you filtration.


How Beseler achieved this unusual result is a mystery, but we hope they engrave the formula in bronze and keep it safe. While this head is not extraordinary, it is solid and well designed, and a perfect companion to the 67CS enlarger.

Hi, don’t have a 67C in front of me, but basically you want to align the negative stage to the baseboard. Replace the colorhead in the same position, tighten the setscrews and that’s it–easy and fast. By using dichroic filters the Beseler 67 Colorhead is designed to extend the capability of the 67 enlarger to color printing. Over the course of using my new to me Beseler 67c, I’ve discovered that the thing is out of alignment.

We do that by simply lifting beseoer on the front plate and the lamp and filter assembly comes away. The beseler 67C was so well aligned that the error was undecernible.

Grab the handle on the right side of the head and twist it toward you to unlock the head. When you do take a closer look, quality beneath the surface is apparent. Yeah, I had that “B” condenser lens in there for awhile when I started making 6×6 enlargements before I learned it was for smaller formats. I never really understood why anyone wanted a 67 when you could get the 23 series instead, but the manjal below the review of the 67CS makes an interesting case for it.