Beauveria bassiana is a fungus that grows naturally in soils throughout the world and acts as a parasite on various arthropod species, causing white muscardine disease; it thus belongs to the entomopathogenic fungi. It is being used as a biological insecticide to control a number of pests such. Beauveria bassiana is an entomopathogenic fungi that causes white As with any insecticide, follow all safety precautions on the label when using B. bassiana . BroadBand® – a fungal contact insecticide for the effective reduction of target Beauveria bassiana strain PPRI (Minimum 4e9 Viable spores per millilitre).

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Use crop protection products carefully. Retrieved 3 February It is also effective against bed bug colonies due to B. You can also do foliar application on cloudy or rainy days.

Some strains do have a wide host range and should therefore be considered nonselective biological insecticides. Alternatively, Bio-Power at the recommended rate can be mixed with kgs of organic fertilizer or field soil and can be applied uniformly.

Apply a minimum of ml BroadBand per ha at first sign of Whitefly presence.

Beauveria bassiana – Wikipedia

Rehner and Buckley [3] have shown that B. A fungus bezuveria to be B. Destroy the container, and do not use empty container for any other purpose. Afterwards, a white mold emerges from the cadaver and produces new spores. Add the rinsing water to the contents of the spray or mixing tank.

BioCeres® WP

Among invertebrate fungal pathogens, Beauveria bassiana has assumed a key role in management of numerous arthropod agricultural, veterinary and forestry pests.

Use the product before the expiry date indicated on label. This step makes all the difference. The fungus by taking nutrients from the insect proliferates and colonizes the entire insect and thus drains the insect of nutrients and the infected insects eventually dies.


Requires no MRL or withholding periods.

Apply at first sign of Whitefly pest presence. Formulation also continues to be a bottleneck in the development of stable and effective commercial Beauveria-mycoinsecticides in many countries, although good commercial formulations do exist. Articles with Spanish-language external links Articles with ‘species’ microformats Taxonbars with automatically added basionyms.

Is an emulsifiable spore concentrate of Beauveria bassiana — a fungal contact insecticide. It was formerly also known as Tritirachium shiotae. Effectively controls the potato tuber moth on potatoes, red spider mite and white fly on tomatoes and thrips on onions. Home Products Contact news Residential Commercial.

To effectively control the population of target insects on your crops you need a broadspectrum insecticide with high efficacy that can be used at any time in the spray programme. Beauveria bassiana can be used as a biological insecticide to control a number of pests such as termiteswhitefliesand many other insects.

Its use in the control of malaria -transmitting mosquitos is under investigation. BioCeres safety data sheet.

The production and uses of Beauveria bassiana as a microbial insecticide.

Here, we provide an overview of mass-production and formulation strategies, updated list of registered commercial products, major biocontrol programs and ecological aspects affecting the use of Beauveria as a mycoinsecticide. If water volumes exceeds litre water, use ml BroadBand per ha.

Apply at first sign of Stinkbug pest presence. Beauveria is typically deployed in one or more inundative applications of large numbers of aerial conidia in dry or liquid formulations, in a chemical paradigm.

Store in original container in a dry area, away from food and feed stuffs. Apply at first sign of Thrips pest presence. Use the spray solution as a direct spray targeting the pests on the undersides of the inseecticida.


Prevent the contamination of food, foodstuffs, drinking water and eating utensils.

The production and uses of Beauveria bassiana as a microbial insecticide.

The larva beauverai aphid midges Aphidoletes aphidimyza feeds on more than 60 species of aphids. On most common cultural media, it produces many dry, powdery conidia in distinctive white spore balls.

Archived from the original on Never mix with hot water! Unlike bacterial and viral pathogens of insects, the fungus does not have to be consumed but merely has to be positioned where the insect will come into contact with the spores. Apply a minimum of ml BroadBand per ha in litre water. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

The repressive effect is generally noticed after 7 days and pests will not develop any resistance to the fungus. The bassiaa is bsssiana after the Italian entomologist Agostino Bassiwho discovered it in as the cause of the muscardine disease which then led to carriers transmitting it by airborne means. Archived from the original on 13 December Apply as a full cover spray as soon as the first crawler movement is noticed, normally at bassoana burst.

Spray in the evening to reduce the risk of spore degradation by UV rays. Beauverix insect disease caused by the fungus is a muscardine which has been called white muscardine disease.

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