Click on the following links to access online resources for the textbook including powerpoints, quizes, terms, glossary, review sheets and other resources. I’m going into AFM-FM next year, but have never taken an economics/business/ accounting related course in high school. Thus, I wanted to. BAT4M Grade 12 Accounting Teacher: Mr. P. Mathia Period 2. Course Overview · Getting to Know You · Chapter Power Points · CHAPTER LESSONS.

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Responsible citizenship involves appropriate participation in the civic life of the school community.

To correct patent cost. Equipment Cost to prepare the equipment for use. It also means that the assets are carried at cost, and not at market unless fair market value is lower than cost.

Consequently, the net book value will decline on the balance sheet as the asset ages.

All Ontario courses taken by the student at the Grade 11 and 12 level, whether successfully completed or not, will be recorded on the transcript. Physically aggressive behaviour is not a responsible way to interact with others.

There is no cash involved in the entry to record amortization Dr. Persistent absence and lateness may result in withdrawal from the course.

The expenditures for the insurance and the motor vehicle licence are recurring and only benefit the current period.

Canada eSchool – BAT4M Textbook – Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol 1 (Hardcopy)

Tangible and intangible capital assets both are long-lived assets that are used by a business to produce revenue. The principal will make his or her decision in consultation with the parent and appropriate school staff. Hanson International Academy is strongly aware that using multiple sources of evidence increases the reliability and validity of the evaluation of students learning. This course prepares students for postsecondary programs in business, including international business, marketing, and management.


In a sale hextbook capital assets, the net book value of the asset is compared to the proceeds received from the sale. Regular attendance is necessary for success in any learning process.

Chapter 4 Solutions – BAT4M Grade 12 AccountingTeacher: Mr. P. MathiaPeriod 2

The cost of an intangible asset should be amortized over the shorter of that asset’s useful life the period of time when operations are textbok by use of the asset or its legal life. Because goodwill has an indefinite life, it is bat4mm amortized. Rather, it is tested annually for impairment.

This textbook supports The Ontario Curriculum, Grades 11 and Liability for Restoration Texrbook Compulsory Credits Students must earn the following compulsory credits in order to obtain the Ontario Secondary School Diploma: This course introduces students to advanced accounting principles that will prepare them for postsecondary studies in business. English, Grade 10 Academic. Weygandt, Kieso, Kimmel, et. Business Studies Course Title: We have highly qualified teachers with a broad range of experience, knowledge, and various teaching strategies.

Accumulated Amortization —Delivery Equipment Goodwill is not amortized.

Insults, disrespect, and other hurtful acts disrupt learning and teaching in a school community. If the proceeds of the sale exceed the net book value of the asset, a gain on disposal occurs.

BAT4M Textbook – Fundamental Accounting Principles Vol 2 Smartbook (Online Version).

Affaires et commerce Course Title: If a parent requests that a prerequisite be waived, the principal will determine whether or not the prerequisite should be waived. Refer to the data provided in Exercise Our campus is conveniently situated in the northern part of the beautiful city of Toronto, Canada. All Ontario credit courses have a common course code system. Courses in Grades 10, 11, and 12 may have prerequisites for enrolment.


Only certain development costs with reasonably assured future benefits can be capitalized. Our mission statement is: Attendance will be closely monitored. When students submit work to their teachers for evaluation, they imply that the work is the result of only their own efforts and is not in any way the result of the efforts of others. Straight-line— constant amount each period; units-of-activity—varying amount depending on production levels each period; declining-balance— decreasing amount each period.

With the assistance of the guidance counselors, students make a detailed study plan which is in accordance with their academic interests and the admission requirements for the university of their choice.

ENG2P / ENG2D Textbook Pack – Gr. 10 English.

Business Studies, revised. If the student has not done so, he or she may take one of the specified prerequisite courses through summer texfbook or any of the other schools approved by the Ministry of Education.

texthook All students, parents, teachers and staff have the right to be safe, and feel safe in the school community. The school provides parents and students with clear and accurate information about prerequisites.

If work will be late, students must negotiate alternate deadlines; assignments must arrive within reasonable timelines, or a mark of zero may be assigned. The possession, use or threatened use of any object to injure another person endangers the safety of oneself and others.