Kavishri / Babu Rajab Ali Khan. Posted on February 3, Rajab Ali Khan”. ਭੂਗੋਲ -ਦੇ-ਕਬਿੱਤ / Babu Rajab Ali KhanIn “Babu Rajab Ali Khan”. Babu Rajab Ali was born in in a village Sahoké, near Moga. He was a great writer of Kavishari, the poems sung in tarannam in Punjab on stages in melas.

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Inafter the independencehe had to leave his beloved village of Sahokehis admirers, his students and his family history of hundred years and migrated to Pakistan. Retrieved 25 Feb He visited the East Punjab in the March Views Read Edit View history. He was the captain ;oetry the cricket team of his school.

WHITEWASHING HISTORY: Babu Rajab Ali: the Man in the Dock

Joga Singh Jogi is one of the most famous kavishars of Majha. Babu Rajab Ali in Gurmukhi. His love for Punjab and Punjabi was unconditional and not bound by walls of religions or nationalities. His poems are still sung by hundreds of Kavishars in Punjab who claim with pride that they are shagirds of Babu Rajab Ali.

Retrieved from ” https: Later on he graduated with diploma in civil engineeringcommonly known as Overseeri in Punjab those days, poefry an engineering school in Gujrat district. Archived from the original on 26 April I believe it was sweetness of language in Babu Rajab Ali’s poetry and personality that changed the meanings of phrase ‘Babu ji’ forever.

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Babu Rajab Ali

He had his primary schooling from a neighbouring village of Banbihathen high schooling in Moga and passed matriculation in from Barjindra High SchoolFaridkot. Babu ji of Punjabis Jagjit Sandhu In Malwa region of Punjab, the ‘chhandd-band’ rhymed on meter Punjabi poetry is sung in poeetry, fast yet stretched voice rajwb any musical instruments somewhat similar to tarannum and is called Kavishri.

Retrieved 31 Dec Babu Rajab Sahit Sadhan. Babu ji went to primary school in the neighboring village opetry BaNbeeha and then to high school in Moga and passed his matriculation in from Barjindra High School, Faridkot. His family got some land allotted in OkaaRa and settled there. He was madly in love with Malwa and Punjabi poetry and probably at the peak of his life when one bqbu in he had to leave his beloved village of Sahoke, his students, his admirers and family history of hundreds of years and leave for Pakistan.

Babu ji of Punjabis Jagjit Sandhu. Bapu Bali Singh is considered to be the father of the kavishari of Majha.

Babu Rajab Ali’s Punjabi Poetry in Roman Script

Babu Rajab Ali worked as an overseer in irrigation department all his life and was affectionately called Babu ji by people. Later on he graduated with a diploma in Civil Engineering, commonly known as Overseeri in Punjabi during those days, from an engineering school in Gujraat district.

Kavishari is usually sung during melas, weddingsdiwaans religious concertsmehfils and other celebrations. Kavisharior Kavishri, Punjabi: Originally started in Malwa, this tradition of Punjabi poetry and singing has spread throughout Punjab although majority of the Kavishar s to this day has been from Malwa.

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His father’s name was Mian Dhamaali Khan and his mother’s name was Jiyooni. He worked as an overseer in Irrigation department.

He worked throughout Punjab and also near Peshawar, as a result he was well-traveled person poetdy the standards of that time. Although, he was fluent in Punjabi and Urdu and knew some of PersianArabic and Englishhis poetry only in Punjabi expressing his love for Punjab and Punjabi. Interestingly, most of his kissas related to Hindu heroes and figures were written during his life in Pakistan.

Babu Rajab Ali in Roman. Babu ji is a pride of Punjabi language and will live forever in hearts of Punjabis. His uncle Haji Ratan was a nice Kavishar too. Babu ji went to Pakistan but his soul always wandered in Malwa and he wrote hundreds of poems on his separation from his beloved people and places.

This page was last edited on 4 Decemberat Retrieved 31 December Babu Rajab Ali De Kisse. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. An article on Babu Rajab Ali in Punjabi language.

The people who write and sing Kavishri in Punjabi melas, diwaans, mehfils, weddings etc are called Kavishar.