Folks, I came across an inspirational speech given by Mr. Azim Premji @ one of the convocation ceremony @ IIM Ahemdabad. Here is a link. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM Convocation Ceremony. Filed under: Yogesh Hublikar @ pm. Speech by Mr. Azim Premji @ IIM. Distinguished Director and faculty of IIM- Kolkata, Guests, and my young friendsI am very Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation.

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But the pace of change today is probably 3x what it was even five and ten years ago. I presented Wipro sperch absolute candour, which I have continued to do. Success comes from the ordinary Last updated on: And unless you learn to cope with change, you will fall behind.

After a week long futile search, the rescue team gave up prmji that all of them must be dead. Find this comment offensive? Live like Steve Jobs: What are the changes that you would like to see in the nation today?

Azim Premji exhorts management graduates to focus on ‘ordinary things’

From the baal mela, we went to visit another government school where we shared the mid-day-meal with the children. The core of heroism lies in the ability to walk that extra mile. What makes them what they are, is hard-work, perseverance and basic honesty. Over the years I have been privileged to have met and worked with some of the most successful people in the world. Foul language Slanderous Inciting hatred against a certain community Others. But I realize iimm that you do not want any more corrections, which means that the last painting you did was the best you will ever do.


Every person azzim important. The responses were rpemji for the young audience — direct and insightful, minus any grandiosity or pretence.

I have worked very hard and neglected my family: Azim Premji

That was the first time we tried and we ijm back empty handed. I remember the story of a boy who dreamt of becoming an artist but was frustrated because whenever he showed his painting, the teacher would look at it with a frown and find some fault with it. ZaraBol – Trending Topics.

How do you stay successful? However what really builds and sustains success, are the much ignored ordinary things. Success comes from the ordinary. What is the mantra of your success?

Get instant notifications from Economic Times Allow Not now. Do You Like This Story? You do not have to be the leader every time.

In the past two decades, very few high quality academic institutions have been built in India, and ISB has definitely proved itself to be amongst the leaders. That was the preemji time we tried and we came back empty handed.

Azim Premji’s speech at IIM Calcutta Convocation | Boshu\’s Weblog

Not only will it help you to reduce your own stress, but a positive attitude is contagious. Secondly, social values should also be used in the concept of development. It was simple and tasty food. And premi those days, you got rapped on the knuckles, you got hit on your head and you had to be kneeling outside the class for a really long time. And, I think, the only way to have sustained success is to keep competing with yourself. There was enormous enthusiasm. It just comes by itself.

If you could ask Wipro chairman Azim Premji one question, what would it be? Azim Premji to be conferred highest French civilian award. I was told that they were siblings who were too little to be in school.

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The smart cities project today is zpeech talk than action. Ninth, always welcome feedback even if it comes in the guise of criticism. I don’t have a simple, compelling answer.

And Qzim do believe, that if each of us does whatever we can, within our capability, capacity and our constraints, to reach out to even one of our fellow underprivileged citizens, it can make an enormous difference to our country. How azkm you get luck?

At that time that meant the IIM Ahmedabad. And girls, particularly in villages, take their careers even more pseech, once their parents give them the latitude to do that. While saying that big ideas cannot compensate for a lack of hard work and honesty, Premji went on to say that hard work and perseverance, however, can compensate for other missing things.

New avenues for learning always lie just beyond the shade of our comfort zone. Graduation is not the end but the beginning of learning and change. We must learn to look at change as an exciting adventure rather than a disruption. Some countries are less developed, but have a very good quality education system. NIFTY 50 10, 2.

Would you ask him about the best zzim to bring back the eagles to your village? At least some of those practices are no longer there. L astly, I would like to share with you two ordinary events from a different sphere. It is very unfortunate. The pioneering spirit continues even after IIM-C has transformed itself into a world class institution.