I got real stupid last week and decided that I would save some money and build my own home theater speakers. I ordered the Audax kit from. This superb design was borrowed from Wayne J.’s great DIY resource, . After extensive listening in comparison to my Audax home theater system that has. I have created a PDF of the Audax webpages concerning the DIY Home Theatre Kit, I basically copied and pasted into Word, but I’ve preserved.

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I’m one of the early builders of these speakers and I still have mine to this day. Started added those boxes to the ceiling via drywall lift.

Let us know if we need to take a look at this page or fix a bug. Formerly known as J H The end result is a mirror-like finish with just a few coats of shellac.

This can happen with higher order crossover networks 3 rd or 4 th ordersuch as the ones that are typically used for MTMs, when the sound from one driver interferes with the sound of another.

The sound After breaking in the drivers for a few weeks, I sat down and did some serious listening.

I applied the veneer using the dried wood glue and hot iron technique as described in previous projects. I had plans of of making a 3 way center similar to this but was a bit taken back by the crossover complexity and kind of settled on a two way MTM design with an off-centric tweeter.


Both boards were secured using Liquid Nails. Let me also say that this speaker thsatre not be for everyone. Shop Home Theater Products Wiring the Video Projector To make your movie theater more realistic, you may want to use a projector system. As in previous projects, I used corner braces to hold the pieces aligned, glued the pieces, and used drywall screws to pull the corners together. French polish techniques and shellac use in general: Crossover frequency between the woofers and midrange is Hz, and 3.

They came out pretty nice with a few minor blems. Our oldest is 11 now I installed the woofer crossover on the outside side wall of the sub-enclosure. Once the veneer was scraped and lightly sanded, I stained the cabinet with a water eiy aniline dye. With this 3-way, the smaller midrange is dedicated to just midrange, making dialog much clearer.

Couple of threads for the same Audax HT speakers that I built |

Originally Posted duy Matt Peacock. The next step is to begin hanging drywall. I am pretty sure that Ted designed and build line arrays for his LCR speakers years ago. I chose some heavy dialog scenes from various movies and monitored off axis mid-frequency loss. This thread also started before there was a diy speaker forum. Planning ahead for any project may avoid pitfalls you may stumble upon during the construction process. OK, here they are. But like I said, they sound great, so who cares?


Along the side walls, hme may want to install sconces. My real name was showing theatrs in Google too much! When I built my Audax system, my oldest daughter was in diapers, and our second daughter didn’t even exist yet. I cut the braces such that they fit just snug into the cabinet, then glued them in.

For the right experience, you need to set up recessed lighting in the ceiling. I built a set still enjoy mine to this day.

Couple of threads for the same Audax HT speakers that I built

Building the sub box The cabinet If I had to rank the complexity of building this cabinet, I would say, on a scale ofit would be a 6. Dark Light Custom Preview. Finding the right seat, waiting in line and overpaying for audac snacks are all just a part of the typical movie experience. Cabinet with foam and braces.