Assault on the Liberty: The True Story of the Attack by Israel For shipment anywhere else in the world, please email [email protected] for details. You may also. : ASSAULT ON THE LIBERTY: pp Illus “The true story of the Israeli attack on an American intelligence ship.” Presentation copy signed by “a. This fifth edition of Assault on the Liberty should be read by all James M. Ennes , Jr. .. deck, to the room I now shared with Jim O’Connor.

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A very interesting tale from the 60’s that makes you scratch your head in wonder. It presages all kinds of awful things in the Mideast.

Assault On The Liberty

Write a book on our beloved “ally” deliberately and repeatedly attacking a US Navy technic Public persons are free to assail and insult every nation in the world — including their own United States — except Israel. On both occasions, the rescue planes were called back by Secretary McNamara.

Dead in the Water argued that Liberty was attacked in order to prevent the U. Immediately after the exchange, at 1: Cristol also notes that Boston’s statements about pressure on Kidd were hearsay, and that Kidd was not alive to confirm or deny them.

This heartbreaking episode grieved the Israelis deeply, as it did us. Asdault 26 December From War to Jamss Many of these quotes directly contradict the NSA’s position that it never intercepted the communications of the attacking Israeli pilots, saying that not only did transcripts of those communications exist, but also that it showed the Israelis knew they were attacking an American naval vessel.

American sources said that no inquiry about ships in the area was made until after the Liberty attack ended. With friends like that The Mirages left after expending their ammunition, and were replaced by two Dassault Mysteres armed with napalm bombs, flown by Captain Yossi Zuk and his wingman, Yaakov Hamermish.

The first cable, sent five days after the attack, informs Eban that a U. They say it was hastily conducted, in only 10 days, even though the court’s president, Rear Admiral Isaac Kiddsaid that it would take six months to conduct properly. Naval Court of Inquiry record, various military and government messages and memorandum, and personal interviews for its content. Naval Court of Inquiry record contains testimony by fourteen Liberty crew members and five subject matter experts; exhibits of attack damage photographs, various messages and memoranda; and findings of fact.


The June 13 memorandum is an “account of circumstances of the attack Kislev told the pilots not to attack if there was any doubt about identification, and the Israeli Navy quickly contacted all of its vessels in the area. From the start, the response to Israeli statements of mistaken identity ranged between frank disbelief and unquestioning acceptance within the administration in Washington.

It was the first CMH presented to a living recipient by a non President.

Assault On The Liberty by James M. Ennes Jr.

By the time we get to it we will be on some other subject. No lierty or quizzes yet. It is clear that I was mistaken about the aircraft involved, as F4s do not carry nuclear weapons. James Bamforda former ABC News producer, in his book Body of Secrets[84] says Israel deliberately attacked Liberty to prevent the discovery of what he described as war crimes, including the killing of Egyptian prisoners of war by the IDF that he alleges was taking place around the same time libertg the nearby town of El-Arish.

Jwmes to subsequently declassified NSA documents: DoD has responded that a new investigation will not be conducted since a Navy Court of Inquiry already investigated the facts and circumstances surrounding the attack. That strange message was never explained or cancelled. Yifrah twice recalculated and confirmed his assessment.

Experience demonstrates that both the flag and the identification number of the vessel were readily visible from the air The fact that the ship had Latin alphabet markings led Chief of Staff Rabin to fear that the ship was Soviet. Jun 05, Faris rated it it was amazing.

United States Naval Institute. Kidd died in and there is no way to verify Boston’s statements. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Date 8 June Sadly, American aircraft carriers were far off in the Med when the boat was attacked.


Navy” but concluded that this information had simply “gotten lost, never passed along to the ground controllers who directed the air attack nor to the crews of the three Israeli torpedo boats. Lenczowski notes that while the Israeli decision to “attack and destroy” the ship “may appear puzzling”, the explanation seems to be found in Liberty ‘ s nature and its task to monitor communications on both sides in the war zone.

Secretary of State Dean Rusk to U. This section needs additional citations for verification. Anyhow, the fight for justice goes on. According to John Loftus and Mark Aarons in their book, The Secret War Against the JewsLiberty was attacked because the Israelis knew that the ship’s mission was to monitor radio signals from Israeli troops and pass troop movement information to the Egyptians.

Liberty ‘ s personnel received firm orders not to say anything to anybody about the attack, and the naval inquiry was conducted in such a way as to earn it the name of “coverup”.

USS Liberty incident – Wikipedia

The three Israeli reports were:. Though that order was recorded in the torpedo boat’s log, [the commander], Oren, claimed he never received it. The author was an officer on the bridge when the attack started and subsequently spent many years researching and documenting this meticulous account of the attack and the cover-up that followed. Views Read Assahlt source View history.

Perspectives of the Presidency, The court concluded that the testimony record revealed “a shallow investigation, plagued by myriad disagreements between the captain and his crew”.

The other four torpedoes missed the ship. The order to cease fire was given at 2: