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Home arrow Military Publications – Army Regulations – USAHEC arrow AR Supply Policy Below the National Level. Reference URL. In a manual supply operation this regulation is used in conjunction with DA Pam –2–1 and DA Pam –2–2. Applicability. This regulation applies to the. DA PAM SUPPLY SUPPORT ACTIVITY SUPPLY SYSTEM: MANUAL PROCEDURES. CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD FROM APD. Recently Added.

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AR – Supply Policy Below the National Level

All activities will keep a separate classified section when either the property description or the quantity is classified. The CSDP is designed for ag by the chain of command. These loads are managed per the policy contained in paragraphs 2—20 and 2— Further, AIT includes the use of satellites to track and redirect shipments.

Shop stocks are authorized for—.

The screening by the PBO is to determine the accounting requirements for the purchased property, such as nonexpendable or controlled requires property to be accounted for on 71-2-2 book recordsdurable requires control when issued to the user and expendable no requirement to account for on property book records.

The CIF will use this information to develop tailored issues. The balance recorded in the property book accounting data will reflect the total owned by the property book activity. Immediate supervisors and company, battery, and troop commanders will—.

AR Supply Policy Below The National Level

The organization using unit is the foundation of the supply system. The review frequency is semiannual. This inventory is conducted per chapter 2, section III, and table 2—1n. Block 15 thru RFID tags are in a critical supply position and must be expeditiously returned to the supply system for reuse. OCIE for training purposes will be issued to soldiers by the using unit. Property responsibility is the relationship between people and the property under their control.


It also provides for the accountability and management of stocks being stored at 7100-2-2, general, or installation supply support activities SSAs for issue to a customer. The authorized stockage level will be 30 days for all units. Evidenced by a command position of any type 3. These include small arms, controlled cryptographic items, vehicles, and similar items where 710-2–2 reporting is required. An annual inventory of all furnishings other than issued family housing furnishings is required.

Records to be kept for controlling components are component hand receipt, hand receipt annex, and Aircraft Inventory Record. In determining classification priority factors for OCIE, first priority will be serviceability and second will be.

Property that has not been issued from the property book is the responsibility of the PBO.


Failure to do so may cause the supply system to respond with supplies for which there is no need. Accounted for within the standard logistics system by 70-2-2 book officersand retail stock record accounts.

If both the property book and supporting SSA through which issues and turn-ins are accomplished are manual, the SSA will manually report all transactions for reportable items to the CCA.

If the ROTC region commander agrees, officers and noncommissioned officers may assist the custodian if it does not interfere with their primary military duties. Equipment on-hand projections are unclassified for 3 years current year, budget year, and budget year—1.

Other types of installation property will not be requested and may not be posted to the FEPB.

These records assign personal responsibility when signed. This stock 710-2–2 not subject to the demand supported criteria in paragraph 2— Responsibility will be assigned as follows:. CONUS commanders will provide necessary information, equipment, and manpower available within their resources to assist the coordinating U. Developers of standard qr unique automated supply systems that apply to activities such as property books, SSAs, and self-service supply operations ensure that each system provides the essential elements of data prescribed in applicable subparagraphs.

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Contract files are considered supporting document files. When so directed, the supporting maintenance activity will visually check not technically inspect these items to verify them as scrap.

The registration number will be recorded as the serial number. Maintenance records must be submitted with the items being turned in. Stockage of nondemand supported repair parts is limited to 15 lines. Disposition of excess will be per paragraph 2— Shop stocks are demand-supported repair parts and consumables stocked within a support-level maintenance activity, with a support-level maintenance mission authorized by an MTOE, TDA, or JTA.

This is the timeframe expressed in the number of days from the time the PBO receives the supplies, to posting of the receipts to the property book.

The United States Army Publishing Directorate is the Army’s leader in publishing and delivering informational products worldwide. Uninstalled CCI repair parts must be tracked Army-wide through selected item management system-expanded SIMS-X and cannot be stocked in the maintenance activity shop stock.

Disposition of excess indicator. Historical property is accounted for under AR — Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Check regulations to ensure you are applying the most appropriate definitions s. Centrally managed items with a NSN assigned that 710-22- commercially available when the designated approving official the individual who supervises the cardholder determines the purchase to be in the best interest of the Government.

SPS provides a fully functional automated information system AISwhich will standardize the procurement business practices and data elements by promoting the use of the same automated contracting procedures throughout DOD.