Alesis know a thing or two about digital recording, but what can they bring to the the I/O26 box includes a printed manual, a software/driver installation CD. Alesis iO 26 Sound Card Owners Manuals, User Guides, Instructional Help Documents & Operating Information. Recent Alesis iO 26 Sound Card questions, problems & answers. Free expert DIY tips, I have an alesis io/26 firewire recording ยท Alesis iO pdf Manual.

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After studying the board with the multimeter, i found out that the correct port had to be on the top side of that oscillator. Send a private message to jamesp. I am currently working on a Seven in 64 bit in Cubase 5.

Thanks for all the info guys. Keep it short and informative please. My view has been coloured some what, by every Alesis product I have had being disapointing. Yup, looks like Alesis just don’t care.

Any experience with Alesis IO 26 – Cockos Incorporated Forums

This is where it gets tough. On the flip side – Motu – I’m on my second mk2.

IO 26 has been rock-solid working with my son’s Dell laptop for over a year. The old pentium cache-SRAMs have similar size and pin alesjs.

Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH-101

Simply not worth it. Hi El Gitano, it slesis me happy to hear that you got your device working again! Everything is within reach. I chose it also because I could have every element of the battery on a separate track.

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That’s not the round trip latency though, thats the reported latency.

However, you can only achieve that zlesis high-output mics like condensers. On my old edirol ua4-fx this is no trouble, I don’t get any introduced hiss that I can hear with my head pressed against the tweeters anyway.

I agree, that would be good practice for the music industry. Sort by most recent most useful.

There is a new driver update on Alesis web site Furthermore there is no inter therefore a boring protocol to turn the beast Ct latency for me not work hard but it takes me to put me under XP.

Annoyed with Logic – No audio – Alesis io 26 I just bought an io 26 and was hoping to get it up and running with logic pro 8. The presence of light meters and volume type controllers and alesid apprciable.

From a cannon preferably. The card was installed correctly the latest driver updates downloads required! I’ll get back to it tomorrow, it’s bedtime now for me, 1.

A place that allows me to protect myself Threaded Mode Linear Mode. The thing is I’m tyring to cut down on anything in the signal route between the dac and the speakers. Find More Posts by DuraMorte. I’ve tried endlessly qlesis see if I can boost it at all.

Since then, no reply from the firewire part of the device, only in Linux i got some sort of reply: Find More Posts by Tommykry. Send a private message to Analogy.


It really makes me appreciate just how goog my old edirol interface was, manuap considering it was pre usb 2. I echo nic’s comment about drivers. Originally Posted by UncleAge I get 4.

Silent Way working with Alesis IO/26 and SH | Expert Sleepers – Home

I’ve never come across those terms before, and a quick search on google wasn’t very helpful. Lots of folks diss the clock on the mkII units including the HD. With experience, I would do without doubt this choice, although other materials much more expensive! The divers would be the same as for Vista.

After studying the datasheet i found that this pin XI could be bridged the 24,MhZ oscillator on the left. It will flow onto the pad and pin. The exact same thing happened to me a few days ago with my good old trusted Multimix 8 Firewire http: I have a latency of 13 ms.

Nuendo 3 What you get lag? I’m still learning how to get it to stick at one bit rate and resolution it keeps changing for different programs and poping the speakers while changingbut I’m sure I’ll figure it out.